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GATE 2015 Electrical Engineering

Rs. 800

GATE 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology

By Genius Publications

26 Ratings | 6 Reviews

Rs. 800


Specifications of GATE 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-31-9
  • English
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 1500


  • 1. Theory of Computation
    Finite State Machine, Regular Expressions and Languages, Context Free Languages and Pushdown Automata, Turing Machine, Analysis of Algorithm and Computational Complexity.
    2. Digital Logic
    Number System, Logic Functions and Minimization, Denominational Circuits,  Sequential Circuits.
    3. Computer Organization and Architecture
    Overview of Computer Architecture, CPU Organization, Memory Organization, Input Output.
    4. Programming
    C–Fundamentals, Control Statements, Functions and Pointers, Arrays, Structures and Union, OOPs.
    5. Data Structures and Algorithms
    Array and Queue, Tree and Binary Search Tree, Sorting and Searching, Stack and NP complete.
    6. Compiler Design
    Introduction to Compiler, Lexical Analysis, Parsing Techniques, Syntax Directed Translation, Code Generation And Optimization.
    7. Operating System
    Process, IPC and Deadlock, File System, Memory Management, Input Output and Disk Scheduling, Protection and Security.
    8. Databases
    Introduction to DBMS and Relational Model, Normalization, Structured Query Language, File Organization Techniques, Transaction Management.
    9. Information Systems and Software Engineering
    Software Process Models, Software Metrics & Project Estimation, Project Planning and Management, Software Design, Software Testing.
    10. Computer Networks
    Introduction to ISO/OSI Model & Physical Layer, The Data Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer , Session, Presentation and Application Layer.
    11. Web Technology
    HTML, XML, ASP, .NET, Software Process Models.
    12. Engineering Mathematics
    Mathematical Logic, Probability, Set Theory And Algebra, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Calculus.
    13. General  Aptitude
    Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability.
    Solved Gate Papers.

Reviews of GATE 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology

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seema jangid

04 Sep 2013

proper questions

it contains full syllabus with previous years solved gate questions that will give us the idea how to complete the gate paper in less time with few efforts

anjali jain

04 Sep 2013


easy learning and way of representation is good

sourav biswas

25 Sep 2013

is the author is r.k kanodia?

This book MCQ explanation is very details and good manner..nice book for gate preparation..


07 Nov 2013

Exact book

Hi, This book is what i was searching for.. Contain everything for the GATE aspirants. i suggest this book to other gate aspirants. Thanks

Prasun Hazra

16 Apr 2014

good one

nice book

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