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GATE 2015 Electrical Engineering

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GATE 2015 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

By Genius Publications

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Rs. 800

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Specifications of GATE 2015 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

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  • 978-93-80311-30-2
  • English
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 1500


  • 1. Networks
    Network Elements and Graphs, Network Theorem, Laplace Transform, Linear Differential Equations, Frequency Response, Steady State Analysis, Network Functions, State Space Analysis.
    2. Electronic Devices
    Semiconductor Basics And Diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistor, Field Effect Transistor, IC Fabrication, Miscellaneous Devices.
    3. Analog Circuits
    Diode Applications, Biasing Techniques, Amplifiers, Frequency Response, OP-AMP Applications, Miscellaneous.
    4. Digital Circuits
    Boolean Algebra, Digital IC Families, Combinational Logic Circuits, MUX and Decoders, Sequential Logic Circuits, A/D Converters, D/A Converters and Semiconductors Memories, Microprocessor (IC 8085), Signals and Systems, Linear Time Invariant System, Continuous And Discrete Time Fourier Series and Transform, Definition And Properties of Laplace Transform, Z-Transform, Sampling.
    5. Control Systems
    Basic Control System Components, Transfer Function, Block Diagram Reduction And Signal Flow Graph, Time Response, Stability Analysis, Frequency Response Analysis, Control System Compensators & Controllers, Mathematical Modelling And State Space Analysis.
    6. Communications
    Basics Of Analog Communication System, Angle Modulation, Noise, Digital Modulation, Digital Communication Techniques, Information Theory & Probability Distribution Functions.
    7. Electromagnetics
    Vectors, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Waves And Applications, Transmission Lines, Waveguides And Antennas.
    8. Engineering Mathematics
    Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Probability And Statistics, Numerical Methods, Transform Theory.
    9. General Aptitude
    Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability.
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