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Advance Database Management System

By Arihant Khicha, Neeti Kapoor

6 Ratings | 2 Reviews

Rs. 180


Specifications of Advance Database Management System

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-80-7
  • English
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 390


  • 1. Query Processing and Optimization
    Objectives, Introduction, Query Processing Steps, Query Optimization, Heuristic Query Optimization, System Catalog in a Relational DBMS, Translating SQL Queries into Algebra, Decomposition of a Query into Blocks, Cost Estimation in Query Optimization, Cost Components of Query Execution, Cost Function for SELECT Operation, Cost Function for Join Operation, Pipelining and Materialization, Structure of Query Evaluation Plans, Query Execution Plan, Relational Algebra Equivalences, Selections, Projections, Cross-Products and Joins, Selects, Projects and Joins, Enumeration of Alternative Plans, Single-Relation Queries, Multiple-Relation Queries, Review Questions.
    2. Object Database Systems
    Objectives, Introduction, Motivating Example, Structured Data Types, Structure Data Types in SQL 99, Operation on Structured Data, Object Oriented Data Model (OODM), Object Structure, Object Class, Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Encapsulation and ADT’s, OIDs (Object Identifiers), Dereferencing Reference Types, Object Relational Database Managements Systems (ORDBMS), Database Design for an ORDBMS, ORDBMS Implementation Challenges, Comparison between RDBMS, ORDBMS and OODBMS, OODBMS v/s RDBMS, OODBMS v/s ORDBMS, OODBMS vs ORDBMS vs RDBMS, Review Questions.
    3. Parallel and Distributed Databases
    Objectives, Introduction, Parallel and Distributed Databases, Parallel Database Architectures, Parallel Query Evaluation, Data Partitioning, Parallelizing Sequential Operator Evaluation Code, Parallelizing Individual Operations, Bulk Loading and Scanning, Sorting, Joins, Parallel Query Optimization, Distributed DBMS Architecture, Types of Distributed DBMS Architecture, Distributed Data Storage, Catalog Management in Distributed Databases, Content of Catalogs, The Distribution of Catalogs, Distributed Query Processing, Costs, Semi-Join, Distributed Query Decomposition, Updating Distributed Data, Distributed Transactions, Concurrency Control and Recovery in Distributed Databases, Distributed Concurrency Control Based on a Distinguished Copy of a Data Item, Distributed Concurrency Control Based on Voting, Distributed Recovery, Review Questions.
    4. Database Security and Authorization
    Objectives, Introduction to Database Security, Security Objective and Issues, Security Violations, Authorization (Access Rights), Access Control, Discretionary Control, Mandatory Access Control, Covert Channels, DoD Security Levels, Additional Issues Related to Security, Role of Database Administrators (DBA), Security in Statistical Database, Encryption, Review Questions.
    5. Introduction to Postgres
    Objectives, Introduction, System Architecture, Postgres User Interfaces, SQL Variations and Extensions, PostgreSQL Types, Rules and other Active Database Features, Extensibility, Advanced Postgres SQL Features, Transaction Management, Storage and Indexing, Storage in Postgres, Postgre SQL Indexes, Query Processing and Optimization, Review Question.
    6. XML
    Objectives, Introduction to XML, The Components of XML, How is XML Used?, Xml Specification & Development Goal, Motivation, Structure of XML Data, XML Document Schema, Document Type Definition, XML Schema, Querying and Transformation, Xpath, XSLT, XQuery, Application Program Interface to XML, Storage of XML Data, XML Application, Review Questions.
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Reviews of Advance Database Management System

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komal gupta

04 Sep 2013

about the book

good book

seema jangid

04 Sep 2013

sql c

it contains many examples of sql commands with high variations that improve our command on sql in addition to cover the syllabus

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