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Artificial Intelligence

By Amit Barjyatya, Dinesh Diggiwal, Megha Chhabra

9 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Artificial Intelligence

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-67-4
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.


    Unit 2. Introduction to AI and Intelligent Agent: Different Approach of AI, Problem Solving : Solving Problems by Searching, Uninformed search, BFS, DFS, Iterative deepening, Bi directional search, Hill climbing, Informed search techniques: heuristic, Greedy search, A* search, AO* search, constraint satisfaction problems.


    Unit 3. Game Playing: Minimax, alpha-beta pruning, jug problem, chess problem, tiles problem


    Unit 4. Knowledge and Reasoning: Building a Knowledge Base: Propositional logic, first order logic, situation calculus. Theorem Proving in First Order Logic. Planning, partial order planning. Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning, Probabilities, Bayesian Networks.


    Unit 5. Learning: Overview of different forms of learning, Supervised base learning: Learning Decision Trees, SVM, Unsupervised based learning, Market Basket Analysis, Neural Networks.


    Unit 6. Introduction to Natural Language Processing: Different issue involved in NLP, Expert System, Robotics.


Reviews of Artificial Intelligence

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komal gupta

14 Sep 2013

about the bookq

awsome book.Easy to read and learn .sufficient theory to study as per syllabus


14 Sep 2013


must read

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