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Specifications of Cloud Computing

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-84-2
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
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  • Unit 1.

    Introduction Cloud Computing: Nutshell of cloud computing, Enabling Technology, Historical development, Vision, feature Characteristics and components of Cloud Computing. Challenges, Risks and Approaches of Migration into Cloud. Ethical Issue in Cloud Computing, Evaluating the Cloud’s Business Impact and economics, Future of the cloud. Networking Support for Cloud Computing. Ubiquitous Cloud and the Internet of Things

    Unit 2.

    Cloud Computing Architecture: Cloud Reference Model, Layer and Types of Clouds, Services models, Data center Design and interconnection Network, Architectural design of Compute and Storage Clouds. Cloud Programming and Software: Fractures of cloud programming, Parallel and distributed programming paradigms-MapReduce, Hadoop , High level Language for Cloud. Programming of Google App engine

    Unit 3.

    Virtualization Technology: Definition, Understanding and Benefits of Virtualization. Implementation Level of Virtualization, Virtualization Structure /Tools and Mechanisms , Hypervisor VMware, KVM, Xen Virtualization: of CPU, Memory, I/O Devices, Virtual Cluster and Resources Management, Virtualization of Server , Desktop, Network, and Virtualization of data-center

    Unit 4.

    Securing the Cloud : Cloud Information security fundamentals, Cloud security services, Design principles, Policy Implementation, Cloud Computing Security Challenges, Cloud Computing Security Architecture. Legal issues in cloud Computing.

    Data Security in Cloud: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Risk Mitigation, Understanding and Identification of Threats in Cloud, SLA-Service Level Agreements, Trust Management

    Unit 5.

    Cloud Platforms in Industry: Amazon web services , Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure Design, Aneka: Cloud Application Platform -Integration of Private and Public Clouds

    Cloud applications: Protein structure prediction, Data Analysis, Satellite Image Processing, CRM and ERP, Social networking . Cloud Application- Scientific Application, Business Application.

    Advance Topic in Cloud Computing: Federated Cloud/InterCloud, Third Party Cloud Services

    Model Paper