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Computer Graphics and Multimedia Techniques

By Neetu Agrwal

4 Ratings | 1 Reviews

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Specifications of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Techniques

Book Details

  • 978-81-88870-68-4
  • English
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 266


  • 1. Introduction to Computer Graphics
    Introduction, Application Areas of Computer Graphics, Review Questions.
    2. Graphics Systems
    Introduction, Display Devices, Direct View Storage Tube, Calligraphic or Random Scan Display System, Refresh and Raster Scan Display System, Flat-panel Displays, Color CRT Monitors, Output and Input Devices, Graphical Input Techniques, Review Questions.
    3. Output Primitives
    Introduction, Scan Converting Lines, A Simple Solution, Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA) Algorithm, Bresenham’s Line Algorithm, Mid Point Line Algorithm, Scan-Converting Circle, General Method, Mid Point Circle Algorithm, Scan Converting Ellipse, Mid Point Ellipse Algorithm, Polygon Filling Algorithm, Scan-Line Polygon Fill Algorithm, Seed Fill Algorithm, Aliasing and Antialiasing, Review Questions.
    4. Curves and Surfaces
    Introduction, Curves, Spline Representation, Cubic Spline, Beizer Curves, B-Spline Curves, Surface, Quadric Surfaces, Sweep Surfaces, Beizer Surfaces, Review Questions.
    5. Geometric Transformations
    Introduction, Basic 2-D Transformations, Homogeneous Coordinate System, Other Transformations, Composite Transformations, Inverse Transformations, Commutivity of Transformation, Three Dimensional Geometric transformations, Composite Transformation in 3D, Review Questions.
    6. Viewing Transformation
    Introduction, Coordinate Systems, Window to Viewport Transformation, Viewing in 3D, Perspective Projection, Parallel Projection, View Volumes, Representation of 3D Object on Screen, 3D Viewing Pipeline, Review Questions.
    7. Clipping
    Introduction, Point Clipping, Line Clipping, Cyrus-Beck Algorithm, Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping Algorithm, Liang-Barsky line Clipping Algorithm, Polygon Clipping, Sutherland-Hodgman Algorithm, Review Questions.
    8. Visible Surface Detection and Illumination Models
    Introduction, Visible Surface Detection Methods, Backface Culling (Removal), Depth-Buffer (Z-buffer) Algorithm, Scanline Algorithm, Depth Sorting Algorithm (Painter’s Algorithm), Area-Subdivision Algorithm, BSP (Binary Space Partition) Trees Algorithm, Octree Method, Ray Casting, Illumination and Shading, Ambient Reflection, Diffuse Reflection, Specular Reflection and the Phong Model, Shading, Gouraud Shading, Phong Shading, Ray Tracing, Color Models, Review Questions.
    9. Multimedia
    Introduction, Features of Multimedia System, Data Compression, Multimedia Data and File Formats, Multimedia Data, File Formats (or Data Formats), Multimedia Components, User Interfaces, Multimedia Tools, Multimedia Communication Systems Architecture & Model, Introduction, Protocol Functions, Structuring and Services, Implementation Elements And Complexity, Performance Considerations, Applications, Introduction to Animations, Steps in Generation of Animation, Principles or Rules of Animation, 2D to 3D Animation, Problems in Animation, Animation Techniques, Review Questions.
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Reviews of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Techniques

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aveeshe gupta

07 Sep 2013

about the book

entire theory is nice and undrestandable especialy the colour model topic appropiate book of cgmt among all the books i have read

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