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Digital Image Processing For CS Branch

By Sunil Sharma, Naveen Kumar Jain, Suman Sankhla

10 Ratings | 2 Reviews

Rs. 210


Specifications of Digital Image Processing For CS Branch

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-04-9
  • -
  • 2016
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Syllabus -  Digital Image Processing




    Unit 1. 


    Introduction to Image Processing: Digital Image representation, Sampling & Quantization, Steps in image Processing, Image acquisition, color image representation


    Unit 2. 


    Image Transformation & Filtering: Intensity transform functions, histogram processing, Spatial filtering, Fourier transforms and its properties, frequency domain filters, colour models, Pseudo colouring, colour transforms, Basics of Wavelet Transforms

    Unit 3. 


    Image Restoration: Image degradation and restoration process, Noise Models, Noise Filters, degradation function, Inverse Filtering, Homomorphism Filtering


    Unit 4. 


    Image Compression: Coding redundancy, Interpixel redundancy, Psychovisual redundancy, Huffman Coding, Arithmetic coding, Lossy compression techniques, JPEG Compression



    Unit 5. 


    Image Segmentation & Representation: Point, Line and Edge Detection, Thresholding, Edge and Boundary linking, Hough transforms, Region Based Segmentation, Boundary representation, Boundary Descriptors, Regional



Reviews of Digital Image Processing For CS Branch

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Tej sharma

12 Feb 2016

Good book for CS Branch

Nice guidance through theoritical and practical sections. Algorithmic approach for addressing problem is nice.

Navin sharma

15 Feb 2016

Good for Digital Image Processing For CS Branch

This is a completely updated textbook for practitioners. Image enhancement and restoration techniques are well elaborated in the book and the coverage of new topics with computer programming exercises give an insight of practical implementation.

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