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Distributed Systems

By Richa Sharma, Neha Jain

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Specifications of Distributed Systems

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-96-8
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
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  • Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.


    Unit 2. Distributed Systems: Features of distributed systems, nodes of a distributed system, Distributed computation paradigms, Model of distributed systems, Types of Operating systems: Centralized Operating System, Network Operating Systems, Distributed Operating Systems and Cooperative Autonomous Systems, design issues in distributed operating systems. Systems Concepts and Architectures: Goals, Transparency, Services, Architecture Models, Distributed Computing Environment (DCE). Theoretical issues in distributed systems: Notions of time and state, states and events in a distributed system, time, clocks and event precedence, recording the state of distributed systems.


    Unit 3. Concurrent Processes and Programming: Processes and Threads, Graph Models for Process Representation, Client/Server Model, Time Services, Language Mechanisms for Synchronization, Object Model Resource Servers, Characteristics of Concurrent Programming Languages (Language not  included).Inter-process Communication and Coordination: Message Passing, Request/Reply and Transaction Communication, Name and Directory services, RPC and RMI case studies.


    Unit 4. Distributed Process Scheduling: A System Performance Model, Static Process Scheduling with Communication, Dynamic Load Sharing and Balancing, Distributed Process Implementation. Distributed File Systems: Transparencies and Characteristics of DFS, DFS Design and implementation, Transaction Service and Concurrency Control, Data and File Replication. Case studies: Sun network file systems, General Parallel file System and Window’s file systems. Andrew and Coda File Systems.


    Unit 5. Distributed Shared Memory: Non-Uniform Memory Access Architectures,  Memory Consistency Models, Multiprocessor Cache Systems, Distributed Shared Memory, Implementation of DSM systems. Models of Distributed Computation: Preliminaries, Causality, Distributed Snapshots, Modelling a Distributed Computation, Failures in a Distributed System, Distributed Mutual Exclusion, Election, Distributed Deadlock handling, Distributed termination detection.


    Unit 6. Distributed Agreement: Concept of Faults, failure and recovery, Byzantine Faults, Adversaries, Byzantine Agreement, Impossibility of Consensus and Randomized Distributed Agreement. Replicated Data Management: concepts and issues, Database Techniques, Atomic Multicast, and Update Propagation. CORBA case study: Introduction, Architecture, CORBA RMI, CORBA Services.