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Fundamentals of Linux & Shell Programming

By Bhuvanesh Kr. Bansal, Virendra Singh Shekhawat

5 Ratings | 1 Reviews

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Specifications of Fundamentals of Linux & Shell Programming

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-16-6
  • English
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 224


  • 1. Introduction to Linux
    Introduction, History of Linux, Introduction to Open Source Technology, Properties of Linux, The Console and Logging In, Changing Password with passwd Command, The Online Manual, Simple and Directory Commands, File_System, Access Permissions, File Permission, Directory Permissions, Changing Access Permissions, Hard and Symbolic Links, Environment and Path Setting, Review Questions.
    2. vi Editor
    Introduction, The vi Editor, Starting vi, Modes of vi Editor, Command Mode, Insert Mode, Execute Mode (EX Mode), Getting Out of vi, Feature of vi Editor, Word and Character Searching, Substitution Operation, Replace Operation, Submitting Operations or Find/Replace, Yank Command, Put Command, Delete Commands, Reading and Writing File, The Read Command, The Write Command, Setting up vi with the .exrc File, Advanced Editing Techniques, vim [vi Improved], Programming Utilities, Compiling and Linking a C/C++ Program, make Utility, Debugging C Programs Using gdb, System Call, Review Questions.
    3. Introduction to X-window System
    Introduction, X-window, X-clients, The X-server, Concept of Window Manager, Remote Computing and Local Displays in X-window, Customize X-work Environment, Specific Desktop Environments, Xinitrc, X Applications, Xterm: Our Home Base, Starting up Xterm, Scrolling, Cutting and Pasting Selections, Choosing Fonts, Clocks, Emacs, Ghostview: Displaying PostScript, Customizing the fvwm Window Manager, Review Questions.
    4. Shell
    Introduction, Meaning and Purpose of Shell, Types of Shell, Command Line Editing, Standard Stream (Standard Input and Standard Output), Redirection, Pipes, Filters Special Characters for Searching Files and Pathnames, Bourne Again Shell, Shell Script, Command Separation & Grouping, The Directory Stack, Directory Stack Builtins, Processes, Looking at Processes, Process IDs, Viewing Active Processes, Killing a Process, Parameters and Variables, Bash Keyword Variables, Review Questions.
    5. Shell Programming
    Introduction, Control Structure, Shell Variables, Here Document, Shell Builtin Commands, Bourne Shell Builtins, Bash Builtin Commands, Modifying Shell Behavior, Special Builtins, Functions, History Command, Aliases, Job Control, File Name Substitution, Source Code Management- RCS and CVS, checkout, update, add, remove, commit, diff, awk Utility, Review Questions.
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Dinesh Kumar

04 Sep 2013


Linux is a very difficult subject and generally its books r very expansive but this book contain lots of matter which provide right knowledge and off course in affordable price so its time to say thanks SO THANKS GENIUS PUBLICATIONS

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