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Internet Programming

By Charu Chhabra, Ankur Jain

5 Ratings | 1 Reviews

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Specifications of Internet Programming

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-06-7
  • English
  • 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
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  • 1. Introduction to XHTML
    Objectives, Introduction, HTML Versus XHTML, Editing XHTML, First XHTML Example, W3C XHTML Validation Service, Headings, Linking, Images, Special Characters and Horizontal Rules, Lists, Tables, Forms, Internet Linking, Web Resources, Cascading Style Sheets Introduction, Inline Styles, Embedded Style Sheets, Conflicting Styles, Linking External Style Sheets, Positioning Elements, Backgrounds, Element Dimensions, Box Model and Text Flow Media Types, Media Types, Building a CSS Drop-Down Menu, User Style Sheets, CSS3, Web Resources, Review Questions.
    2. JavaScript
    Objectives, Introduction to Scripting, Characteristics of JavaScript, Simple Program: Displaying a Line of Text in a WebPage, Control Structures, JavaScript Conditional Statements, JavaScript Looping Statements, JavaScript Switch Statements, Breaking a Loop, Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators, The 'with' Statement, Functions, Arrays, Two Dimensional Arrays, Object, JavaScript Object, JavaScript Number Object, JavaScript Boolean Object, JavaScript String Object, JavaScript Array Object, JavaScript Date Object, JavaScript Math Object, Document Object Model (DOM), The DOM Standard, Modeling a Document: DOM Nodes and Trees, Travesing and Modifying a DOM Tree, DOM Collections, JavaScript Events, More Events, Introduction to XML, XML Basics, Structuring Data, XML NameSpaces, Document Type Definition (DTD), W3C XML Schema Documents, XML Vocabularies, MathML, Other Markup Languages, Extensible Style Sheet Language and XSL Transforms, Document Object Model (DOM), Common DOM Properties, RSS, RSS Advantages, Review Questions.
    3. AJAX Enable Rich Internet Applications
    Objectives, Introduction, Traditional Web Applications vs Ajax Application, Rich Internet Application (RIAs) with Ajax, History of Ajax, “Raw” Ajax Example Using the XMLHttpRequest Object, Using XML and The DOM, Creating a Full-Scale Ajax-Enabled Application, Dojo Toolkit, Overview, Introduction to Web Servers (IIS and Apache), HTTP Transactions, Multitier Application Architecture, Client-Side Scripting Versus Server-Side Scripting, Accessing Web Servers, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache HTTP Server, Requesting Documents, Review Questions.
    4. Introduction to PHP
    Objectives, Introduction, Introduction to Installing PHP, Installing PHP, Installing on Ubuntu Linux, Installing on Windows, Wamp Server, Dreamweaver, Testing Your Installation, PHP Basics, String Processor and Regular Expressions, Formatting String’s with PHP, Storing a Formatted String, Manipulating Strings with PHP, Form Processing and Business Logic, Connecting to Database, Making a Connection, Handling Errors, Reading Data, Using Cookies, Setting a Cookie with PHP, Deleting a Cookie with PHP, Dynamic Content, Operating Precedence Chart, Review Questions.
    5. Introduction to ASP.NET
    Objectives, Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0, Introduction to ASP.NET Ajax, Creating and Running a Simple Web form Example, Web Controls, Text and Graphics Control, AdRotator Control, Validation Controls, Session Tracking, Case Study: Connecting to a Database in ASP.NET, Building a Web Form That Displays Data from a Database, Review Questions.
    6. Java Server Faces Web Applications
    Objectives, Introduction, Java Web Technologies, Introduction to Developing Web Applications in Netbeans, JSF Components, The JSF Component Model, Session Tracking, User Authorization, Cookies, URL Rewriting, Hidden form Fields, Session Tracking API, Review Questions.
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aveeshe gupta

07 Sep 2013

about the book

excellent theory is given topics are given as per the syllabus language is easy to understand

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