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Principles of Communication

By Tara Birla, Jyoti Sharma

9 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Principles of Communication

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-27-2
  • English
  • 2018
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Unit I ANALOG MODULATION: Concept of frequency translation. Amplitude Modulation: Description of full AM, DSBSC, SSB and VSB in time and frequency domains, methods of generation & demodulation, frequency division multiplexing (FDM). Angle Modulation: Phase and frequency modulation. Descriptions of FM signal in time and frequency domains, methods of generation & demodulation, preemphasis & de-emphasis, PLL.


    Unit II PULSE ANALOG MODULATION: Ideal sampling, Sampling theorem, aliasing, interpolation, natural and flat top sampling in time and frequency domains. Introduction to PAM, PWM, PPM modulation schemes. Time division multiplexing (TDM).


    Unit III PCM & DELTA MODULATION SYSTEMS: Uniform and Non-uniform quantization. PCM and delta modulation, Signal to quantization noise ratio in PCM and delta modulation. DPCM, ADM, T1 Carrier System, Matched filter detection. Error probability in PCM system.


    Unit IV DIGITAL MODULATION: Baseband transmission: Line coding (RZ, NRZ), inter symbol interference (ISI), pulse shaping, Nyquist criterion for distortion free base band transmission, raised cosine spectrum. Pass band transmission: Geometric interpretation of signals, orthogonalization. ASK, PSK, FSK, QPSK and MSK modulation techniques, coherent detection and calculation of error probabilities.

    Unit V SPREAD-SPECTRUM MODULATION: Introduction, Pseudo-Noise sequences, directsequence spread spectrum (DSSS) with coherent BPSK, processing gain, probability of error, frequency-hop spread spectrum (FHSS). Application of spread spectrum: CDMA.


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04 Sep 2013

well organized

collection of all the topics syllabus wise


14 Sep 2013


this book have all topic and basic concept

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