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Programming in Java

By Mudit Khetan, Archana Soni

7 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Programming in Java

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-61-6
  • English
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
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  • 1. Introduction to Java
    Objectives, History and Evolution of Java, Java Features, Applicability of Java for Internet, Java Bytecode, Java Virtual Machine, Working of JVM, Introduction of OOP, Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Programming Features, Classes and Objects, Encapsulation and Data Hiding, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Generic Programming, Objects Binding, Reusability, Message Passing, Advantage of OOP, Disadvantage of OOP, Review Questions.
    2. Program Elements
    Objectives, Introduction, First Simple Java Application, Datatypes in Java, Identifiers and Literals, Java Reserved Words, Literals in Java, Variable, Declaring and Initializing Variables, Naming Convention for Declaring a Variable, Dynamic Initialization of Variables, Types of Variable, Operators and Expressions, Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, Unary and Ternary Operators, Assignment Operators, Other Operators, Operator Precedence Rules-Overriding Default Precedence, Type Conversion in Assignments, Explicit Type Casting, Arrays in Java: Objects, One-Dimensional Arrays, Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    3. Control Statements
    Objectives, Introduction, Selection Statements, The if Statement, The if.else Statement, The if.else if Statement, Nested if.else Statement, The Switch Statement, Iteration Statements, The While Loop, The do.while Loop, The for Loop, The New For.Each Loop, Jump Statements, The Break Statement, The Continue Statement, Return Statement, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    4. Objects & Classes
    Objectives, Introduction, Classes in Java, Creating a Class, Objects in Java, Creating an Object, Accessing Instance Variables and Methods, Copying Objects, The This Keyword, Garbage Collection and Finalize Method, Java Constructors, Default Constructor, Parameterized Constructor, Java Overloaded Constructor, Nested and Inner Classes, Nested Class, Inner Classes, Inheritance, Class Inheritance, Interface Inheritance, Simple Inheritance, Multi-level Inheritance, Extended Class, Access Control, Default Access, Public Access, Protected Access, Private Access, Usage of Super, Method Overloading, Method Overriding, The Object Class, Constructors Chaining and Inheritance, Abstract Classes and Methods, Abstract Class, Abstract Methods, Using Final with Inheritance, Final Prevents Overriding, Final Prevents Inheritance, Using Final with Data Members, Returning and Passing Objects as Parameter, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    5. Package and Interfaces
    Objectives, Introduction, Packages, Defining User Defined Java Package Names and Directory Structure, Concept of CLASSPATH, Importing Packages, Packages and Member Access, Access Specifier Example, Java Built-in Package, Interfaces, Creating an Interface Definition, Implementing Interfaces, Reference Variables and Interfaces, Interface and Multiple Inheritance, Difference Between Abstract Class and Interface, Solved Examples, Review Question.
    6. String Handling
    Objectives, Introduction, The String Class, String Constructors, Special String Operation, Character Extraction, String Comparison, Searching a String, The StringBuffer Class, Solved Example, Review Questions.
    7. Exception Handling
    Objectives, Introduction, Errors and Exceptions: Meaning and Difference, Exception Handling Mechanism in Java, Types of Exceptions, Checked Exceptions or Compiler Enforced Exception, Unchecked Exception or Runtime Exceptions, Errors, Exceptions Handling Fundamentals, The Simple Try and Catch Block, Try with Multiple Catch, The Finally Block, Specifying the Actions Thrown by a Method, Throwing Exceptions, The Throw Statement, The Throws Clause, Uncaught Exception, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    8. File Handling
    Objectives, Introduction, How We Perform I/O in Java?, Byte(Binary) Streams I/O vs Character Streams I/O, Byte Streams, Reading Console Input/ Writing Console Output, FileInputStream/FileOutputStream, DataInputStream/DataOutputStream, BufferedInputStream/BufferedOutputStream, File Navigation and I/O, File Class, FileReader Class, FileWriter Class, Directories in Java, Creating Directories, Reading Directories, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    9. Concurrency
    Objectives, Introduction, Processes and Threads, Processes, Threads, Benefits of Threads vs Processes, Life Cycle of a Thread, Thread Objects, Create Thread by Implementing Runnable, Create Thread by Extending Thread, Thread Methods, Thread Priority, Interthread Communication, Thread Control: Suspend, Stop and Resume, Pausing Execution with Sleep, Interrupts, Joins, Synchronization, Solved Examples, Review Question.
    10. Applets
    Objectives, Introduction, Basic Concept of Java Applet, Types of Applets, Advantage of Applets, Disadvantages of Applets, Difference between Java Applet and Java Application, Create First Java Applet, Applet Lifecycle, The Applet Class, Invoking an Applet, The <APPLET> Tag, Using Applets-Methods for Drawing and Event-Handling, Working with Graphics in Java, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
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Reviews of Programming in Java

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04 Sep 2013

good examples

contains good programming examples

komal gupta

04 Sep 2013

about the book

tough language is used

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