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Software Project Management

By Neetu Agrwal

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Specifications of Software Project Management

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-77-7
  • English
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
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  • 1. Project Management
    Objectives, Introduction, Project Management, Project, Different Stages of a Project, What is Project Management?, Program and Project Portfolio Management, The Management Spectrum, The People, The Product, The Process, The Project, The W5HH Principle, Critical Practices, Metrics in the Process and Project Domains, Project Metrics, Process Metrics, Measuring Software, Size–Oriented Metrics, Text–Based Metrics, Function–Oriented Metrics, Extended Function Point Metrics, Metrics for Software Quality, Integrating Metrics with Software Process, Arguments for Software Metrics, Establishing a Baseline, Metrics Collection, Computation and Evaluation, Metrics for Small Organizations, Establishing a Software Metrics Program, Review Questions.
    2. Estimation
    Objectives, Introduction, Observations, Project Planning Process, Software Scope, Feasibility, Feasibility Factors, Resources, Human Resources, Reusable Software Resources, Hardware/Software Tools, Software-Project Estimation, Reasons for Poor/Inaccurate Estimation, Project-Estimation Guidelines, Decomposition Techniques, Software Sizing, LOC Estimation, FP Estimation, Effort Estimation, Empirical Estimation Models, COCOMO–I or COCOMO 81 Model, COCOMO–II or COCOMO–2 Model, Putnam Estimation Model - the Software Equation, Estimation for Objects Oriented Projects, Estimation for Agile Development and Web Engineering Projects, Web Engineering Projects, The Make/Buy Decision, Decision Tree, Outsourcing, Review Questions.
    3. Project Scheduling
    Objectives, Introduction, Basic Concept, Scheduling Methods and Techniques, Project Scheduling, Basic Principles of Project Scheduling, Relationship between People and Effort, Project Effort Distribution, A Task Set for Software Project, Task Network, Scheduling, Time-line Charts, Tracking the Schedule, Tracking Progress for An OO Project, Earned Value Analysis, Review Questions.
    4. Risk Management
    Objectives, Introduction, Reactive vs Proactive Strategies, Software Risk, Risk Identification, Assessing Overall Project Risk, Risk Components and Drivers, Risk Projection, Developing a Risk Table, Risk Refinement, Risk Mitigation, Risk Management and Monitoring, The RMMM Plan, Review Questions.
    5. Quality Planning
    Objectives, Introduction, Quality Concept, Procedural Approach to Quality Management, Quantitative Approaches to Quality Management, Quantitative Quality Management Planning, Setting the Quality Goal, Estimating Defects for Other Stages, Quality Process Planning, Defect Prevention Planning, Goals, Activities, Ability to Perform, Commitment to Perform, Measurement and Analysis, Implementation, Review Questions.
    6. Quality Management
    Objectives, Introduction, Software Quality Concepts, Types of the Software Quality, Control Issues, Quality Assurance, The Quality of the Product, The Quality of the Process, Quality and Productivity Factors, Cost of the Quality, Quality in the Context of the Business Environment, Principles of Quality Improvement, Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Goals of SQA, Elements of Software Quality Assurance, SQA Tasks, When does SQA Take Place?, How is Quality Assured?, SQA Planning, SQA Plan, SQA Activities, Formal Approaches to SQA, Statistical Quality Assurance, Six Sigma for Software Engineering, Software Reviews, Formal Technical Reviews (FTR), Change Management, Software Configuration Management (SCM), Why is SCM Required ?, SCM Concepts, SCM Repository, SCM Features, SCM Process, Initiating SCM Process, Configuration Management for Web Apps, Tools for Web Project Management, Tools for Configuration Management, Review Questions.
    7. Project Execution and Closure
    Objectives, Introduction, Review Process, Planning, Overview and Preparation, Group Review Meeting, Rework and Follow-up, One-Person Reviews, Guidelines for Reviews in Projects, Data Collection, Data Review/Self-Preparation Log, Group Review Meeting Log/Prototype Cycle Performance Review, Group Review Summary Report, Analysis and Control Guidelines, Introduction of Reviews and The NAH Syndrome, The Infosys Experiment, Data From the Experiment, Review Questions.
    8. Project Monitoring and Control
    Objectives, Introduction, Project Tracking, Activity Tracking, Defect Tracking, Issue Tracking, Status Report, Milestone Analysis, Identifying Milestones, Actual vs Estimation Analysis of Effort and Schedule, Monitoring Quality, Risk–Related Monitoring, Review Questions.
    9. Project Closure
    Objectives, Introduction, The Project Closure Analysis, The Role of Closure Analysis, Performing Closure Analysis, Closure Analysis Report, Review Questions.
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komal gupta

04 Sep 2013

views about the book

excellent book matter given in this book is appropiate and as per the syllabus

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