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Design of Concrete Structures–I

By Ajay Goyal, Sunita Bansal

10 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Design of Concrete Structures–I

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-00-1
  • -
  • 2016
  • Paper Back
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  • Syllabus - Design of Concrete Structures-I




    Unit 1.


    Objective and fundamental concepts of design of RC members, Types and function of reinforcement. Introduction to various related IS codes. Design Philosophies: Working stress, ultimate strength and limit states of design. Analysis and Design of singly reinforced rectangular beam section for flexure using Working Stress Method and Limit State Method.


    Unit 2.


    Analysis and design of singly reinforced, flanged beams and doubly reinforced rectangular beams for flexure using Limit State Method. Limit state of serviceability for deflection, control of deflection as per codal provisions of empirical coefficients


    Unit 3.


    Limit state of collapse in shear: analysis and design of prismatic sections for shear using LSM.
    Limit state of collapse in bond: concept of bond stress, anchorage length and development length, curtailment of reinforcement as per codal provisions.

    Unit 4.


    Analysis and design of one way and two way slabs using LSM and Flat slab using direct design method as per code, Detailing of reinforcement.

    Unit 5.


    Columns: Short and long columns, their structural behaviour. Analysis and design of axially loaded short columns, using LSM. Analysis of uniaxially eccentrically loaded short columns. Introduction to Pu-Mu interaction curves and their use for eccentrically loaded columns.
    Design of Column Footings: Analysis and design of Isolated column footing and combined footing for two columns (without central beam) for axial loads using LSM.

Reviews of Design of Concrete Structures–I

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Monika Bansal

12 Feb 2016

Readable and Quality book

well structured with range of solved problems. God to read for under graduate students and professionals

Neha Gupta

15 Feb 2016

Design of Concrete Structures–I

A Good analysis over different methods of design of concrete structures. Complete coverage of limit state method is perfectly illustrating acceptable limits for safety requirements.

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