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Fluid Mechanics

By Hemant Gupta, Shahkool Khan

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Specifications of Fluid Mechanics

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-08-1
  • English
  • 2012, 2013
  • Paper Back
  • 492


  • 1. Fluids and Properties of Fluids
    Introduction, Definition of Fluid, Units Measurement, Properties of Fluids, Mass-Density, Specific Weight, Specific Volume, Specific Gravity, Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Importance of Viscosity in Fluid Motion, Effect of Temperature on Viscosity of Fluid, Surface Tension, Capillarity, Compressibility and Elasticity, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    2. Hydrostatics and Buoyancy
    Introduction to Hydrostatic Pressure, Fluid Pressure at a Point, Pressure Variation in an Incompressible Static Fluid, Different Types of Pressure, Measurement of Pressure, Manometers, Differential Manometers, Buoyancy, Centre of Pressure, Vertical Plane Surface, Force on Inclined Plane Submerged in Liquid, Force on Curved Surface Submerged in Liquid, Conditions of Equilibrium of a Floating and Submerged Bodies, Stability of a Submerged Body, Stability of a Floating Body, Meta-Centre, Meta-Centric Height, Analytical Method for Meta-Centre Height, Experimental Method of Determination of Meta-Centric Height, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    3. Equilibrium of Fluid Particles and Hydro-Kinematics
    Introduction, Fluid Particles in Equilibrium, Fluid Mass Subjected to Uniform Linear Acceleration, Liquid Containers Subjected to Constant Horizontal Acceleration, Liquid Containers Subjected to Constant Vertical Acceleration, Fluid Containers Subjected to Constant Rotation, Cylindrical Vessel Containing Liquid Rotating with its Vertical Axis, Cylindrical Vessel Containing Liquid Rotating with its Axis Horizontal, Hydro-Kinematics, Stream Lines and Stream Tube, Path Lines, Continuity Equation, Continuity Equation in 3-Dimensions, Acceleration of a Fluid Particle, Rotation, Vortex Flow, Free Vortex Flow, Forced Vortex Flow, Equation of Motion for Free Vortex Flow, Equation of Motion for Forced Vortex Flow, Vorticity, Circulation, Velocity Potential Function and Stream Function, Velocity Potential Function, Stream Function, Flow Net, Euler’s Equation of Motion, Bernoulli’s Equation from Euler’s Equation, Assumptions of Bernoulli’s Equation, Kinetic Energy Correction Factor (?), Solved Examples, Summary, Reveiw Questions.
    4. Applications of Bernoulli’s and Momentum Equation
    Introduction, Bernoulli’s Equation, Practical Application of Bernoulli’s Equation, Venturi Meter, Orifice Meter, Pitot Tube, Orifice, Flow-Through Large Orifice, Discharge Through Large Rectangular Orifice, Time of Emptying a Tank Through an Orifice at its Bottom, Flow Through Internal or Re-Entrant on Borda’s Mouthpiece, Borda’s Mouthpiece Running Free, Borda’s Mouthpiece Running Full, Notches and Weirs, Discharge Over a Rectangular Notch and Weir, Discharge Over a Triangular Notch and Weir, Discharge Over a Trapezoidal Notch and Weir, Time Required to Empty a Tank with Triangular Notch or Weir, Time Required to Empty a Reservoir or a Tank with a Rectangular Weir or Notch, Francis Formula, Velocity Approach, The Momentum Equation, Force Exerted by a Flowing Fluid on a Pipe Bend, Impulse-Momentum Equation, Momentum Correction Factor, Hydraulic Coefficients, Flow Through Nozzles, Power Transmitted Through Nozzle, Condition for Maximum Power Transmission Through Nozzle, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    5. Flow Through Pipes
    Introduction, Laminar Flow, Laminar Flow (viscous flow) Through a Circular Pipe (Hagen Poiseuille Formula), Shear Stress and Velocity Distribution Across a Section, Velocity Distribution, Ratio of Average Velocity to the Maximum Velocity, Drop of Pressure for a Given Length (L) of a Pipe, Reynold’s Experiment, Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow, Laws of Fluid Friction, Moody’s Friction Factor, Coefficient of Friction in Terms of Shear Stress, Loss of Head Due to Friction in Pipes, Loss of Energy Due to Friction, Minor Head (Energy) Losses, Loss of Head due to Sudden Enlargement, Loss of Head Due to Sudden Contraction, Loss of Head at the Entrance of a Pipe, Loss of Head the Exit of a Pipe, Loss of Head Due to an Obstruction in a Pipe, Loss of Head Due to Bend in Pipe, Loss of head Due to Various Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Gradient Line, Total Energy Line, Flow Through Pipes in Series or Compound Pipes, Equivalent Pipe, Flow through Parallel Pipes, Flow Through Branched Pipes, Flow Through a Bypass, Power Transmission Through Pipes, Power Transmitted at the Outlet of the Pipe, Efficiency of Power Transmission, Condition for Maximum Transmission of Power, Maximum Efficiency of Transmission of Power, Water Hammer in Pipes, Pressure Head While Gradual Closure of Valves, Inertial Head While Instantaneous Closure of Valve, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
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