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Theory of Structures-II

By Ajay Goyal, Sunita Bansal

10 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Theory of Structures-II

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-76-7
  • -
  • 2016
  • Paper Back
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  • Syllabus - Theory of Structures-II




    Unit 1.


    Influence line diagram & Rolling load: ILD for beams & frames, Muller-Breslau principle and its application for drawing ILD, Rolling load, maximum stress resultants in a member/section, absolute maximum stress resultant in a structure.


    Unit 2.


    Arches: Analysis of three hinged two hinged and fixed type parabolic arches with supports at the same level and at different levels.


    Unit 3.


    Cable and Suspension bridges: Analysis of cables with concentrated and continuous loading, analysis of two & three hinged stiffening girder.


    Unit 4.


    Unsymmetrical bending: Definition, location of NA, computation of stresses and deflection, shear center and its location, Theories of Failures


    Unit 5.


    Introduction to matrix method, Force displacement relation, flexibility and stiffness coefficients, relation between flexibility and stiffness matrices, system approach of flexibility method and stiffness method, coordinate transformation matrix, rotation matrix, element and global stiffness matrix for pin jointed structures and beam element in 2D only.

Reviews of Theory of Structures-II

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Varun saraswat

12 Feb 2016

Best book

Good book for in-depth study, summaries with each chapter lightens the important topics. I found it the comprehensive tool for theoritical study of structures based

jatin madan

15 Feb 2016

heory of Structures-II

Fantastic material and well-elaborated topics! The book is offering a consistent approach to the theory of structures. It is a complete set of worked examples which make it ideal for in-depth reading.

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