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Transportation Engineering-I

By Ajay Goyal, Sunita Bansal

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Specifications of Transportation Engineering-I

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  • ISBN 978-93-83733-73-6
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  • Chapter 1 Transportation System

    Introduction, Role of Transportation System, Importance of Transportation System, Characteristics of Transportation System, Diverse Characteristic, Technological Characteristics, Operational Characteristics, Components of Transportation, , Transportation Coordination     , Mechanisms for Creating Coordinating Bodies, The Keys to Successful Coordination, Modes of Transport, Land Transport, Water Transport, Air Transport, Review Questions

     Chapter 2 Highway Planning Processes

    Introduction, Roads, Types of Roads, Components of Roads, Road Patterns, Road Development Plans in India, Planning Surveys, Highway Planning Process in India, Nagpur Road Plan or First 20-Year Road Plan, Bombay Road Plan or Second Twenty Year Road Plan (1961–81), Comparison of Nagpur Plan and Bombay Road Plan, Transport or Highway Related Agencies in India, Recent Developments in Road Transport Sector in India,  Highway Alignment and Surveys, Requirements of Highway Alignment, Alignment Controlling Factors, Engineering Surveys for Highway Location, Review Questions


     Chapter 3 Highway Materials and Construction

    Introduction, Highway Pavement, Types of Highway Pavements, Highway Materials, Sub-Grade Soil, Aggregates, Bitumen, Fly-Ash, Production and Handling of Fly Ash, Characteristics of Fly Ash,  Highway Applications of Fly Ash, Methods of Construction of Different Types of Road, Earth Road, Water Bound Macadam (WBM) Road, Stabilized Road, Bituminous Road, Concrete Road, Fly Ash Embarkment Road, Rural Road, Features of Rural Road, Types of Rural Road, Equipment for Highway Construction of Flexible and Rigid Pavements, Review Questions


    Chapter 4 Highway Geometric Design

    Introduction, Cross Section, Cross Section Elements, Camber, Sight Distance, Types of Sight Distance, Computation of Sight Distance, Sight Distance at Intersections, Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Indian Road Congress Code of Practice, Solved Examples, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals                                                                                                  


     Chapter 5 Elementary Traffic Engineering

    Introduction, Fundamental Parameters Studies of Traffic Engineering, Speed, Flow or Volume, Density, Origin and Destination (O and D), Parking, Parking System, Parking Requirements, Effects of Parking, Parking Statistics, Accident, Causes of Road Accidents, Accident Data Analysis, Safety Measures, Traffic Signs, Requirements of Traffic Signs, Communication Tools, Types of Traffic Signs, Traffic Signals, The Purposes of Traffic Signals, Definition Pertaining to Intersections and Traffic Signals, Components of a Signal System, Phase Design, Road Marking, Functions of Road Markings,  Types of Road Markings, Markings at Hazardous Location, Markings for Parking, Material and Colour, Road Intersection, Grade Separated Intersection, Intersections at Grade, Review Questions


     Chapter 6 Design of Highway Pavement

    Introduction, Classification of Pavements, Flexible Pavement, Rigid Pavements, Difference between Flexible and Rigid Pavements, Design Methods of Highway Pavement, Design of Flexible Pavement, Design Methods of Rigid Pavement, List of Indian Road Congress (IRC) Codes/Manuals, Review Questions

     Chapter 7 Hill Roads

    Introduction, Classification of Hill Roads, Alignment of Hill Roads, Factors for Hill Road Alignment, Selection and Laying of Alignment, Types of Surveys in Alignment Selection, Geometric Design of Hill Roads, Design and Construction of Hill Roads, Drainage and Maintenance in Hill Roads, Drainage of Water from Hill Slope, Maintenance Problems in Hill Roads, Road Side Arboriculture, Objects of Road Arboriculture, Selection of Trees, Planning Plantation of Trees, Species and Their Selection, Planting of Trees on Road Sides,

    Recent Road Development and their Role in Economic Development, Review Questions