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Water Resource Engineering-I

By Ajay Goyal, Sunita Bansal

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Specifications of Water Resource Engineering-I

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-07-0
  • English
  • 2016
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Units

    Contents of the Subject

    Unit 1.

    Introduction: Definitions, functions and advantages of irrigation, present status of irrigation in India, classification for agriculture, soil moisture and crop water relations, Irrigation water quality. Consumptive use of water, principal Indian crop seasons and water requirements, multiple cropping, hybrid crops, water harvesting and conservation.

    Unit 2.

    Canal Irrigation: Types of canals, parts of canal irrigation system, channel alignment, assessment of water requirements, estimation of channel losses, design of channels, regime and semi theoretical approaches (Kennedy’s Theory, Lacey’s Theory), cross section of channels, silt control in canals.

    Water Distribution System: Rotational delivery (Warabandi, Jama Bandi, Khasra Bandi, Sajra Sheets), continuous delivery and delivery on demand, Role of command area development authority, Functions and organizational structures.

    Unit 3.

    Distribution of Canal Water: System of regulation and control, outlets, assessment of canal revenue.

    Hydraulics of Alluvial Rivers: Critical tractive force, regimes of flow, resistance relationship for natural streams, bed load, suspended load and total equations, different stages of rivers, meandering, aggradations, and degradation, river training & bank protection works.

    Unit 4.

    Water Logging: Causes, preventive and curative measures, drainage of irrigated lands, saline and alkaline lands, types of channels lining and design of lined channel.

    Well Irrigation: Open wells and tube wells, types of tube wells, duty of tube well water.

    Unit 5.

    Hydrology: Definition, Hydrologic cycle, Application to Engineering problems, measurement of rainfall, rain gauge, peak flow, flood frequency method, catchment area formulae, Flood hydrograph, Rainfall analysis, Infiltration, Run off, Unit hydrograph and its determination, Estimation of run off.