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Digital Image Processing

By Sunil Sharma, Naveen Kumar Jain, Suman Sankhla

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Specifications of Digital Image Processing

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-83-5
  • English
  • 2015
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  • Unit - I

    DIGITAL IMAGE FUNDAMENTALS: Image sensing and acquisition, Image sampling and quantization, Representing digital images, Spatial and gray-level resolution,

    Spatial operations, Vector & matrix operations, Zooming and Shrinking of digital images. RGB and HSI Color models

    Unit - II

    II BASIC IMAGE OPERATIONS: Intensity transformation functions, Histogram equalization, Spatial filtering for image smoothing,

    Image sharpening by first and second order derivatives, Image smoothing and sharpening using frequency domain filters

    Unit - III

    IMAGE RESTORATION: Image restoration model, Noise Models, Spatial and frequency properties of noise, noise probability density functions,

    Noise only- spatial filter, Mean, order Statistic and adaptive filters, Concepts of inverse and Wiener filtering

    Unit - IV

    MORPHOLOGICAL IMAGE PROCESSING: Erosion and Dilation, Opening and closing,

    morphological algorithms for Boundary extraction, thinning, pruning, smoothing and thickening

    Unit - V

    IMAGE SEGMENTATION AND COMPRESSION: Edge based segmentation, Edge detection masks, Gradient operators,

    Thresholding, Region growing, Watershed transform,

    Fundamentals of image compression; Loss-less compression techniques; Lossy compression techniques, compression standards