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Digital Image Processing

By Sunil Sharma, Naveen Kumar Jain, Suman Sankhla

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Specifications of Digital Image Processing

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-83-5
  • English
  • 2015
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  • 1. Digital Image Fundamentals
    Introduction, Digital Image, Fundamental Components of Image Processing System, Fundamental Steps in Digital Image Processing, Elements of Visual Perception, Image Sensing and Acquisition, Image Formation Model, Image Sampling and Quantization, Representation of Digital Images, Spatial and Gray Level Resolution, Image Resolution, Gray Level Resolution and Quantization, Image Registration,  Vector and Matrix Operations, Color Model, The RGB Color Model, The CMY and CMYK Color Models, The HSI Color Model, Converting Colors from RGB Model to HSI Model, Converting Colors from HSI Model to RGB Model, Digital Image Representing, Sampling, Raster Dimensions Palette/Indexed Images, Image Compression, File Formats and Applications, Review Questions
    2. Basic Image Operations
    Introduction, Intensity Transformation Function, Histogram, Spatial Filtering, Spatial Correlation and Convolution, Vector Representation of Linear Filtering, Generation of Spatial Filter Masks, Sharpening Spatial filters, Image Smoothing using Frequency Domain Filters, Ideal Highpass Filters, Buterworth High Pass Filters, Gaussian High Pass Filter, Review Questions
    3. Image Restortion
    Introduction,  Image Degradation/Restoration Model, Noise Model, Spatial and Frequency Properties of Noise, Some Noise Probability Density Function, Uniform Noise PDF, Impulse Noise (Salt-and-Pepper) PDF, Periodic Noise, Estimation of Noise Parameters, Noise Only Spatial Filtering,  Adaptive Filters, Inverse Filtering, Minimum Mean Square Error (Wiener) Filtering, Review Questions
    4. Morphological Image Processing
    Introduction , Reflection, Translation, Erosion and Dilation, Opening and Closing, Morphological Algorithms, Morphological Reconstruction, Grey Scale Morphology, Morphological Smoothing Review Questions 
    5. Image Segmentation and Compression
    Introduction, Basics of Segmentation, Edge Detection, Gradient Operator, Region Growing, Watersheds Transformation, Watershed Segmentation Algorithm,  Image Compression Models, Decompression Process, Basic Image Compression Standards, Basic Compression Methods, Predictive Coding, Loss-Less Predictive Image Compression, Technique/Coding, Lossy Predictive Image Compression Techniques/Coding, Review Questions