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Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation

By Prof. Rajeev Gupta, Vikas Soni

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Specifications of Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation

Book Details

  • 978-81-88870-56-1
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
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  • UNIT 1 Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.


    UNIT 2 Theory of Errors: Accuracy & precision, Repeatability, Limits of errors, Systematic & random errors, Modeling of errors, Probable error & standard deviation, Gaussian error analysis, Combination of errors.


    UNIT 3 Electronic Instruments: Electronic Voltmeter, Electronic Multimeters, Digital Voltmeter, and Component Measuring Instruments: Q meter, Vector Impedance meter, RF Power & Voltage Measurements, Introduction to shielding & grounding.


    UNIT 4 Oscilloscopes: CRT Construction, Basic CRO circuits, CRO Probes, Techniques of Measurement of frequency, Phase Angle and Time Delay, Multibeam, multi trace, storage & sampling Oscilloscopes.


    UNIT 5 Signal Generation and Signal Analysis: Sine wave generators, Frequency synthesized signal generators, Sweep frequency generators. Signal Analysis - Measurement Technique, Wave Analyzers, and Frequency - selective wave analyser, Heterodyne wave analyser, Harmonic distortion analyser, and Spectrum analyser.


    Unit 6 Transducers: Classification, Selection Criteria, Characteristics, Construction,  Working Principles and Application of following Transducers:- RTD Thermocouples, Thermistors, LVDT, Strain Gauges, Bourdon Tubes, Seismic Accelerometers, Tachogenerators, Load Cell, Piezoelectric Transducers, Ultrasonic Flow Meters.