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IC Technology Book

By Aarti Sharma

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Specifications of IC Technology Book

Book Details

  • 978-81-88870-76-9
  • English
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 246


  • 1. Introduction to IC Technology
    Objectives, Introduction, Introduction to IC Technology, Integrated Circuits, Scale of Integration, Classification of ICs, Features of Integrated Circuits.
    2. Introduction to Technologies
    Objectives, Introduction, Structure of Semiconductor, Crystal Defects, Point Defect, Dislocations, Area (Planar) Defects, Volume Defect, Electronic Grade Silicon (EGS), Czochralski Technique, Apparatus, Working, Advantages, Disadvantages, Float Zone Growth, Working, Advantages, Disadvantages, Comparison between CZ and FZ, Silicon Wafer Preparation, Silicon Shaping, Etching, Polishing, Chemical Cleaning, Gettering, Characterization and Evaluation of Crystals, Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Questions.
    3. Diffusion
    Objectives, Introduction, Diffusion, Basic Diffusion Process, Mechanisms of Diffusion, Diffusion Models in Solid, Fick’s Theory of Diffusion, Continuity Equation and Fick’s Second Law, Assumptions in Fick’s Law, Analytic Solution of Fick’s Law, Correction to Simple Theory, Atomic Model of Diffusion, Fair’s Vacancy Mechanism, Diffusion in SiO2, Techniques for Measurement of Diffusivity, Categories of Diffusion, Effect of Electric Field, Diffusion System, Dopant Source, Problems in Silicon Diffusion, Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Question.
    4. Oxidation
    Objectives, Introduction, Growth Mechanism and Kinetics, Deal-Grove Model, Linear and Parabolic Rate Coefficient, Structure of SiO2, Oxidation Techniques, Dry/HCl Dry Oxidation, Wet Oxidation, High Pressure Oxidation, Plasma Oxidation, Oxidation Systems, Horizontal Diffusion Furnace, Vertical Diffusion Furnace, Oxidation Enhanced Diffusion (OED), Oxide Properties, Masking Property of SiO2, Oxide Charges, Oxide Stress, Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Question.
    5. Ion Implantation
    Objectives, Introduction, Ion Implantation, Range Theory, Ion Stopping and Stopping Power, Effect of Ion Implantation, Implantation System, Annealing, Problems with Ion Implantation, Application of Ion Implantation, Ion Implantation V/S Diffusion, Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Question.
    6. Chemical Vapour Deposition and Epitaxy
    Objectives, Introduction, Chemical Vapour Deposition, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Process, Chemical Equilibrium and Law of Mass Action, Atmospheric Pressure CVD of Dielectric, APCVD Process Reactor, Low Pressure CVD of Dielectric and Semi Conductor, LPCVD Reactors, Horizontal LPCVD System, Vertical LPCVD Reactors, Deposition of Polysilicon, Auto Doping, Epitaxy, Vapour Phase Epitaxy, Defects in Epitaxial Growth, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD), Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Questions.
    7. Pattern Transfer
    Objectives, Introduction, Optical Lithography, Printing Techniques, Contact Printing, Proximity Printing, Projection Printing, Mask Generation, Method 1, Method 2, Photo Resists, Compound of Photo Resists, Types of Photo Resist, Photo Resist Parameters, Polymers and Materials, DQN Positive Photoresist, Applying and Developing Photoresist, Non Optical Lithography, Electron Beam Lithography, X-Ray Lithography, Ion Beam Lithography, Etching, Etching Parameters, Types of Etching, Wet Etching, Steps of wet Etching, Problems with Wet Etching, Solution for Wet Etching, Drawbacks of Wet Etching, Applications of Wet Etching, Dry Etching, Reactive Ion Etching (RIE), Reactive Ion Etching Damaging, Plasma Etching, Morgan Model for Plasma Etching, Loading Effect, Comparison between Plasma Etching and Wet Etching, Ion Milling, Kaufman Ion Source, Problems with Ion Milling, Drawbacks of Ion Milling, Sputter Etching, Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Questions.
    8. VLSI Process Integration
    Objectives, Introduction, Junction and Oxide Isolation, LOCOS Method, The Steps for LOCOS, Problems with LOCOS, Modification of LOCOS Process, Trench Isolation, Types of Trench Isolation, Advantage of Deep Trench Isolation, Problems with Trench Isolation, SOI (Silicon on Insulator) Techniques, Dielectric Isolation, Wafer Bonding, Metallization, Types of Metallization, Desired Metallization Properties, Metallization Applications, Metallization Choices, Metallization Problems, Multilevel Metallization, Planarization, Etchback Planarization Process, Increasing Circuit Speed, Damascene Process, Fundamental Considerations for IC Processing, Building Individual Layers, Integrating the Process Steps, Miniaturizing VLSI Circuits, NMOS IC Technology, Enhancement Mode Devices, Depletion Mode Devices (DMS), Special Considerations for NMOS ICs, CMOS IC Technology, p-well Process, n-well Process, Twin-Tub Process, Special Considerations for CMOS ICs, Bipolar IC Technology, Special Consideration for Bipolar ICs, BiCMOS, Solved Examples, Key Terms, Review Questions.
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