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MEMS and Nano Technology

By Swati Gaur

10 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of MEMS and Nano Technology

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-98-9
  • -
  • 2016
  • Paper Back
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  • Syllabus - MEMS and Nanotechnology



    Unit 1.


    Introduction to Nanoelectronics: Top Down and Bottom UP Approach, Nanotechnology Potentials, Idea of band structure – Metals, Insulators and Semiconductors. Effect of crystal size on density of states and band gap, Electronic structure of nanoparticles. Nanostructured crystals, Size and dimensionality effects – Single electron tunneling – Applications – Superconductivity, Graphenes and CNT.


    Unit 2.


    Nano Fabrication and Patterning Techniques: Si processing methods, Cleaning/etching, Oxidation, Gettering, doping, Epitaxy. CVD & MOCVD, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Liquid Phase Techniques, Self assembly and catalysis. Etching: Wet and Dry, Nanolithography, Nanoimprinting, XRay Lithography(XRL), Particle beam lithography(e-beam, FIB, shadow mask evaporation),

    Unit 3.


    General Characterization Techniques: X- Ray Diffraction studies – Bragg’s law – particle size – Scherrer’s equation, Infrared Spectroscopy of Semiconductors, Raman Spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), NMR Spectroscopy, ESR Spectroscopy. photo electron spectroscopy(XPS)- SEM,TEM,STM, Atomic force microscopy(AFM).


    Unit 4.


    Electrical, Magnetic, Mechanical and Optical Properties and Applications: Electronic and electrical properties -One dimensional systems-Metallic nanowires, Quantum dots -Two dimensional systems - Quantum wells. Magnetic properties -Transport in a magnetic field. Mechanical properties, Optical properties, Evolving interfaces of Nano in NanoBiology, Nano Sensors and Nanomedicines


    Unit 5.


    MEMS and Microsystems: Evolution of Micro Fabrication – Micro Systems and Microelectronics. Application of MEMS in Various Fields. Introduction – Substrate and Wafer, Active Substrate Material. Silicon as a substrate material, MEMS packaging. Case study on pressure sensor with packaging.

Reviews of MEMS and Nano Technology

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Nirnal Narayan

12 Feb 2016

Best Book

Nice book and comprehensive text. Examples are interesting and enhances the knowldeg of real worl implementation


15 Feb 2016

Good Quality book

I gained a lot from this book. The latest performance parameters are well elaborated with experimental data.

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