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Optical Fiber Communication

By Saloni Sethi, Harsh Tanwar

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Specifications of Optical Fiber Communication

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-72-9
  • English
  • 2017
  • Paper Back
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  • Units             Contents

    Unit I            Optical Fiber Overview- Introduction, Ray theory, Optical fibers: multimode, single mode, step index, graded index, plastic & glass fibers.

                         Transmission Characteristics of Optical Fibers - Introduction, Attenuation, Material absorption loss, Fiber bend loss, scattering, Dispersion (intermodal & intramodal), Dispersion Shifted Fibers, Dispersion Compensating Fiber.

                         Manufacturing of Optical Fibers – preparation of optical fiber, Liquid phase techniques and vapor phase depositions techniques.


                         Laser- Emission and absorption of radiation, Einstein relation, Absorption of radiation, Population inversion, Optical feedback, Threshold condition. Population inversion and threshold, working of three levels & four level lasers. Basic idea of solid state, semiconductors, gas & liquid laser. Basic concept of Q-switching and mode locking.

                         Light Emitting Diode - Structure, Material, Characteristics, Power & Efficiency.

    Unit III          Optical Detectors - Optical detection principles, quantum efficiency, Responsivity, PIN photo diode, Avalanche photo diodes, Noise in Detectors, Photo Diode Materials.

                         Optical Connectors - Fiber Alignment, fiber splices, fiber connectors, expanded beam connectors, fiber couplers.

    Unit IV          Optical Fiber Measurements - Measurements of Fiber Attenuation, Dispersion, Refractive Index Profile, Cut off Wave Length, Numerical Aperture & Diameter.

                         Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) - Field measurement through optical time domain reflectometry, Laser based systems for measurement of distance, Velocity, Holography.

    Unit V           Optical Fiber Systems – Wavelength division multiplexing, DWDM, active and passive components, optical sensors, optical amplifiers.

                         Optical Fiber Applications - public network applications, military, civil and industrial applications.