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Specifications of VLSI Design

Book Details

  • 978-81-88870-71-4
  • English
  • 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Paper Back
  • 330


  • 1. Introduction to VLSI
    Introduction, Technology Improvement in IC–Field, History of ICs, Constraints of ICs, VLSI Circuits Design Flow, Traditional VLSI Design Cycle, Review Questions.
    2. Introduction to MOS Technology
    Introduction, Basic MOS Transistor, Enhancement Type MOSFET (Enhancement Type MOS), Depletion Type, Symbols, Comparison of P-Channel and N-Channel FET, CMOS Devices, Review Questions.
    3. Fabrication of MOS Transistors
    Introduction, Overview of Semiconductor Fabrication, Wafer Growth, Oxidation, Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Nitride, Polysilicon Layer, Photolithography, Etching, Doping, N–MOS Fabrication, CMOS Fabrication, n–well CMOS Fabrication Process, P–well CMOS Fabrication Process, Silicon on Insulator, Review Questions.
    4. Electrical Properties of MOS Circuits
    Introduction, MOS Physics, Enhancement Mode of MOSFET (MOS), IDS – VDS Relationship for n–MOS Device, Circuit Model of MOS Transistor, MOS Transistor Transconductance gm, Aspect of Threshold Voltage, Second Order Effects, Body Effects, Sub Threshold Region, Channel Length Modulation, Mobility Variation, Drain Punch Through, Numericals on MOS Systems, Review Questions.
    5. MOS Inverters
    Introduction, NMOS Pass Characteristics, Logic Gate Characteristics, ?n/?p Ratio of CMOS Inverter, Pull Up to Pull Down Ratio for an NMOS Inverter, Pseudo–NMOS Inverter, Latch Up, Solved Numericals, Review Questions.
    6. CMOS Logic Circuits
    Introduction, CMOS Implementation of Logic Functions, Basic Logic Gates in CMOS, The NOT Gate, The CMOS NAND Gate, The CMOS NOR Gate, CMOS AND and OR Gate, CMOS Complex OR Compound Logic Gates (AOI and OAI), Alternative Guideline For Other Complex CMOS Logic Gate, Combinational vs Sequential Logic Circuits, CMOS Multiplexer, Memory Latches and Registers, Transmission Gate, Applications of CMOS Transmission Gate, Digital Logic Circuit Characterization, Power Dissipation, Propagation Delay, Transistor Sizing, Solved Numericals, Review Questions.
    7. Layout Design
    Introduction, Layout Design Rules, Layout for Inverter, Layout For NAND GATE and NOR GATE, Complex Logic Gates Layout, Layout Optimization and Performance, Solved Numericals, Review Questions.
    8. Introduction to VHDL
    Introduction, Feature of VHDL language, VHDL Language Basic, Library, Entity Declaration, Port, Identifier, VHDL Object, Data Type, Architecture, Dataflow Style Modeling, Behavioral Modeling, Structured Modeling, Solved Example, Review Questions.
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