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Advanced Distribution System

By Bharat Modi, Amit Gupta

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Specifications of Advanced Distribution System

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-11-1
  • English
  • 2012, 2013
  • Paper Back
  • 180


  • 1. Distribution Systems & Load Forecasting
    Introduction to Distribution System, Distribution of Power, Primary Distribution System, Secondary Distribution System, Future Distribution Systems, Vision, Mission, Power Loads, Types of Loads, Load Forecasting, Objectives of Load Forecasting, Factors for Load Forecasts, Load Survey, Methods of Load Forecasting, Regression Analysis, Analysis of Time Series, Correlation Theory, Load Growth Factors, Sources of Error, Summary, Review Questions.
    2. Operation
    Introduction, Voltage Control, Voltage Regulation, kVA-km Conductor Loading, Correction of System Voltage, Harmonics, Effects of Harmonics on Networks, Harmonics Filters, Load Variations, Causes of Voltage Fluctuations, Voltage Flicker, Ferroresonance, Classification of Ferroresonance States, System Losses, Losses in Components, Measurement of Losses, Reduction of Losses, Energy Management, Steps for Energy Management, Summary, Review Questions.
    3. Distribution Power Capacitors
    Introduction, Reactive Power Flow, Compensation of Reactive Power, Importance of Reactive Power, Monitoring and Compensation in Distribution System, Maintaining System Voltage, Tap Changing Transformer, Shunt Reactor, Shunt Capacitor, Series Capacitor, Booster Transformer, Synchronous Condenser, Comparison of Series and Shunt Capacitor, Shunt Capacitors in Distribution System, HT Capacitors, LT Capacitors, Ratings, Construction of Power Capacitor, System Harmonics, Causes of Harmonics, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    4. Grounding
    Introduction, Grounding System, Ground System Design, Earth and Safety, Earth Electrode, Earth Resistance Calculation, Effect of Rod Size, Effect of Soil Resistivity, Earth Conductor Sizes, Introduction to Earth Electrode Design, Brief Description of System Earthing, System Neutral Earthing, Types of Neutral Earthing, Earthing of Substations, Lines and Consumer Premises, Earth Fault in the Distribution System, Protection of Earth Fault, Earth Fault Protection of Feeders, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    5. Distribution Automation
    Introduction, Benefits of Distribution Automation, General Terms of Distribution System, Concept of Communication System, Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC), Radio Communication, Fibre Optics Communication, Satellite Communication, Sensors, SCADA, Application Area of SCADA System, Components of SCADA System, SCADA System Hardware and Software, SCADA Architecture, Automation System, Summary, Review Questions.
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