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Specifications of Advanced Power Electronics

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  • 978-93-80311-71-5
  • English
  • 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
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  • 1. AC Voltage Controllers

    Objectives, Introduction, Principles of On-Off Control (Integral Cycles Control), Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of On-Off Control, Principle of Phase Control, Advantage, Disadvantages and Application of Phase Control, Comparison of On/Off Control and Phase Control, Type of AC Voltage Controllers, Single Phase AC Voltage Controller, Single Phase Bidirectional Controller with Resistive (R) Load, Advantage, Disadvantage and Applications of Single-phase Controller with Resistive (R) Load, Single-phase Voltage Controller with Inductive Load (RL), Three Phase Full Wave AC Controller, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Three Phase Controllers, AC Voltage Controller with PWM Control, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of AC Voltage Controller with PWM Control, Sequence Control of AC Controllers, Two Stage Sequence Controller, Multistage Sequence Control, Single-phase Sinusoidal, Voltage Controller, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    2. Cycloconverters

    Objectives, Introduction,  Principle of Operation of Cycloconverter, Single-phase to Single-phase, Single-phase to Single-phase Step-up Cycloconverter, Single-phase to Single-phase, Step-down Cycloconverter, Three Phase Cycloconverter, Three Phase to Three Phase, Cycloconverters, Three-phase to Single-phase, Cycloconverter, Output Voltage Equation for Cycloconverter, Control Circuit, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    3. Inverters

    Objectives, Introduction, Single Phase Bridge Inverter, Single Phase Half Bridge Inverter, Single Phase Full Bridge Inverter, Steady State Analysis of Single Phase Inverter, Three Phase Bridge Inverter, Three Phase 180 Degree Mode VSI, Three Phase 120 Degree Mode VSI, Merits and Demerits of 120° Mode Inverter Over 180° Mode Inverter, Voltage Control in Single-phase Inverter, External Control of AC Output Voltage, External Control of DC Input Voltage, Internal Control of Inverter, Pulse Width Modulated Inverter, Single Pulse Modulation (SPM), Multiple Pulse Modulation (MPM), Sinusoidal Pulse Modulation (SPWM) , Realization of PWM in Single Phase Bridge Inverters, Reduction of Harmonics in the Inverter Output Voltage, Harmonic Reduction by PWM, Harmonic Reduction by Transformer Connection, Current Source Inverters, Single Phase CSI with Ideal Switches, Single Phase Capacitor Commutated CSI with R Load, Single Phase Parallel Inverter, Analysis of Parallel Inverter, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    4. Resonant Pulse Inverters

    Objectives, Introduction, Series Resonant Inverters,  Series Resonant Inverters with Unidirectional Switches, Series Resonant Inverters with Bidirectional Switches, Frequency Response of Series Resonant Inverters, Frequency Response for Series Loaded, Frequency Response for Parallel Load, Frequency Response for Series Parallel Loaded, Parallel Resonant Inverters, Voltage Control of Resonant Inverters, Class E Resonant Inverter,  Zero Current Switching Resonant Converters, L-Type ZCS Resonant Converter, M-Type ZCS Resonant Converter, Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Converters,  Comparison between ZCS and ZVS Resonant Converter, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    5. Power Supplies

    Objectives, Introduction, DC Power Supply, Switched Mode DC Power Supplies, Resonant DC Power Supplies,  Bidirectional Power Supplies, AC Power Supply, Switch-Mode AC Power Supply, Resonant AC Power Supplies,
    Bi-directional AC Power Supplies, Multistage Conversions, Control Circuits, Voltage Mode Control, Current Mode Control, Some Other Types of Power Supplies, Linear Regulated Power Supply, Programmable Power Supply, High Voltage Power Supply, Power Supply Applications, Computer Power Supply, Welding Power Supply, AC Adapter, Solved Examples, Review Questions