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Protection of Power Systems

By Mr. Pankaj Chawla

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Specifications of Protection of Power Systems

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  • 978-93-80311-99-9
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  • 1. Causes and Consequences of Dangerous Currents
    Objectives, Introduction to Protection of Power System, Need for Protective Systems, Faults, Causes of Faults, Consequences of Faults, Types of Faults, Overloads, Circuit Breakers, Types of Circuit Breakers, Trip Circuit of a Circuit Breaker, Relay, Functional Characteristics of a Relay, Zones of Protection, Primary Protection and Back-up Protection, Basic Terminologies used in Relays, Summary, Review Questions.
    2. Current and Potential Transformers
    Objectives, Introduction to Transformer, Ratios of Transformers, Current Transformer, Construction of Current Transformer, Measurement and Protective Current Transformer, Difference Between Measurement and Protective C.T., Relationships in a Current Transformer, Errors in Current Transformer, Transient Behaviour of Current Transformer, Potential Transformer, Types of Potential Transformers, Relationships in a Potential Transformer, Errors in Potential Transformer, Difference Between Current and Potential Transformer, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    3. Overcurrent Protection
    Objectives, Introduction to Relay, Universal Relay Torque Equation, Fuses, Types of fuses, HRC (High Rupturing Capacity) Fuse, Construction of HRC Fuse, Working, Characteristics of HRC Fuse, Fuse Link of HRC Fuse, Applications of HRC Fuse, Advantages of HRC Fuse, Disadvantages of HRC Fuse, Thermal Relays, Overcurrent Relays, Classification of Overcurrent Relay, Induction Disc Type Relay, Shaded Pole Type Induction Relay, Watt-Hour Meter Type Induction Relay, Induction Cup Type Relay, Current Setting, Plug Setting Multiplier (PSM), Time Setting, Directional Overcurrent Relay, Directional Relay Connections, Earth Fault Relay, Overcurrent Protective Schemes, Time-Graded System, Current-Graded System, Combination of Current and Time-Graded System, Overcurrent Protective Schemes for a Feeder, Protection of Parallel Feeders, Protection of Ring Mains System, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    4. Generator Protection
    Objectives, Introduction to Generator Protection, Generator Faults, Stator Protection, Differential Protection of Stator, Percentage Differential Stator Protection, Stator Inter-Turn Fault Protection, Stator Overheating Protection, Rotor Fault Protection, Rotor Earth Fault Protection, Loss of Excitation (or field failure) Protection, Negative Sequence Current Protection, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    5. Transformer and Busbar Protection
    Objectives, Introduction to Transformer Protection, Types of Faults in Transformer, Transformer Differential Protection, Percentage Differential Protection, Magnetising Inrush Current, Percentage Differential Relay with Harmonic Restraint, Buchholz Relay, Construction of Buchholz Relay, Operation of Buchholz Relay, Advantages of Buchholz Relay, Disadvantages of Buchholz Relay, Applications of Buchholz Relay, Differential Protection of Generator Transfer Unit, Busbar Protection, Busbar Faults, Differential Protection of Busbars, High Impedance Relay Scheme, Frame Leakage Protection, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    6. Transmission Line and Induction Motor Protection
    Objectives, Introduction to Distance Protection, Impedance Relay, Principle of Operation, Torque Equation of Impedance Relay, Operating Characteristic of Impedance Relay, Electromagnetic Impedance Relay, Impedance Relays with Directional Unit, Connections of Impedance Relay, Reactance Relay, Electromagnetic Reactance Relay, MHO Relay, Electromagnetic MHO Relay, Torque Equation of MHO Relay, Operating Characteristics of MHO Relay, Comparison Between Impedance, Reactance and MHO Relay, Three Stepped Distance Protection of Transmission Line, Effect of Arc Resistance on the Performance, Induction Motor Protection, Types of Faults, Abnormal Operating Conditions, Unbalance Supply Voltage, Single Phasing, Overcurrent Protection of Induction Motor, Percentage Differential Protection of Induction Motor, Earth Fault Protection, Negative Sequence Voltage Relays, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
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