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Specifications of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-29-6
  • English
  • 2012
  • Paper Back
  • 324


  • 1. Water
    Introduction, Sources of Water, Common Impurities of Water, Hardness of Water and Its Types, Determination of Hardness of Water, Numerical Based on Hardness and EDTA Method, Municipal Water Supply, Break Point Chlorination.
    2. Water Treatment
    Introduction, Boiler Troubles, Numerical based on Lime Soda Process.
    3. Basics of Environment
    Environmental Pollution, Environmental Impact Assessment, Renewable Sources of Energy, Potential and Present Status of Renewable Sources of  Energy in India, Functional Concepts of Ecology, Basics of a Species, Ecosystem, Types of Ecosystem, Functions of Ecosystem, Structure of an Ecosystem, Food Chain in Ecosystem, Food Web, Energy Flow in Ecosystem, One-way Flow of Energy: A Universal Phenomenon, Ecological Pyramids, Types of Different Ecosystems, Hydrological and Chemical Cycles in Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Patterns of Measurement of Biodiversity, Importance of Biodiversity, Threats to Biodiversity, Population Dynamics, Population Growth, Malthusian Theory of Population Growth, Logistic Equation, Reasons for Growth of Population, Consequences of Population Growth, Variation of Population Growth Among Nations, Action and Strategies of Welfare Programme and Strategies to Stop Population Growth.
    4. Air Pollution, Noise Pollution and Solid Waste Management
    Introduction, Harmful Effects of Air Pollution, Control of Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Acid Rain, Ozone Depletion, Solid Waste Management, Sanitary Landfill, On Site Sanitation.
    5. Water Pollution
    Introduction, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Wastewater Management, Anaerobic Digestion, Septic Tanks, Reuse and Saving in use of Water, Rainwater Harvesting.
    6. Corrosion
    Introduction, Cause of Corrosion, Significance of Corrosion for Engineers, Types and Mechanism of Corrosion, Galvanic or (Bimetallic) Corrosion, Concentration Cell Corrosion, Protection Against Corrosion , Distinguish between Galvanizing and Tinning, Factors Affecting the Rate of Corrosion, Pitting Corrosion, Stress Corrosion, Corrosion Reactions.

Reviews of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

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Deepak Sharma

16 Jul 2013

deepak - chemistry review

Chemistry and Environmental Engineering


14 Sep 2013


good book cover all topics of syllabus

anjali jain

14 Sep 2013


content is good

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