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Specifications of Data Structure Algorithms using C

Book Details

  • 978-93-80311-01-2
  • English
  • 2018
  • Paper Back
  • 530


  • Unit 1. Stacks: Basic Stack Operations, Representation of a Stack using Static Array and Dynamic Array, Multiple stack implementation using single array, Stack Applications: Reversing list, Factorial Calculation, Infix to postfix Transformation, Evaluating Arithmetic Expressions and Towers of Hanoi.

    Unit 2. Queues: Basic Queue Operations, Representation of a Queue using array, Implementation of Queue Operations using Stack, Applications of Queues- Round Robin Algorithm. Circular Queues, DeQueue Priority Queues. Linked Lists: Introduction, single linked list, representation of a linked list in memory, Different Operations on a Single linked list, Reversing a single linked list, Advantages and disadvantages of single linked list, circular linked list, double linked list and Header linked list.

    Unit 3. Searching Techniques: Sequential and binary search. Sorting Techniques: Basic concepts, Sorting by: bubble sort, Insertion sort, selection sort, quick sort, heap sort, merge sort, radix sort and counting sorting algorithms.

    Unit 4. Trees: Definition of tree, Properties of tree, Binary Tree, Representation of Binary trees using arrays and linked lists, Operations on a Binary Tree, Binary Tree Traversals (recursive), Binary search tree, B-tree, B+ tree, AVL tree, Threaded binary tree.

    Unit 5. Graphs: Basic concepts, Different representations of Graphs, Graph Traversals (BFS & DFS), Minimum Spanning Tree (Prims & Kruskal), Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithms. Hashing: Hash function, Address calculation techniques, Common hashing functions, Collision resolution: Linear and Quadratic probing, Double hashing.


Reviews of Data Structure Algorithms using C

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04 Sep 2013


easy and understandable explanation of topics

anjali jain

04 Sep 2013

easy for learning

easy and clear for learning

aveeshe gupta

07 Sep 2013

vies about the book

all the topics are given very clearly with their digrams examples are also given sufficient quantity


07 Sep 2013

proper explaination

book contain proper explaination of every topics with suitable examples


19 Dec 2013



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