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Specifications of Engineering Chemistry

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-28-5
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
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  • Unit 1. Water

    Common impurities, hardness, determination of hardness by complexometric (EDTA method), Degree of hardness, Units of hardness Municipal water supply: Requisite of drinking water, Purification of water; sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, breakpoint chlorination. Boiler troubles: Scale and Sludge formation, Internal treatment methods, Priming and Foaming, Boiler corrosion and Caustic embrittlement Water softening; Lime-Soda process, Zeolite (Permutit) process, Demineralization process. Numerical problems based on Hardness, EDTA, Lime-Soda and Zeolite process.

    Unit 2. Organic Fuels

    Solid fuels: Coal, Classification of Coal, Proximate and Ultimate analyses of coal and its significance, Gross and Net Calorific value, Determination of Calorific value of coal by Bomb Calorimeter. Metallurgical coke, Carbonization processes; Otto-Hoffmann byproduct oven method. Liquid fuels : Advantages of liquid fuels, Mining, Refining and Composition of petroleum, Cracking, Synthetic petrol, Reforming, Knocking, Octane number, Anti-knocking agents, Cetane number Gaseous fuels; Advantages, manufacturing, composition and Calorific value of coal gas and oil gas, Determination of calorific value of gaseous fuels by Junker’s calorimeter.