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Engineering Mechanics

By Dr. A K Rajvanshi, Mohd. Mukhtar Alam

8 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Engineering Mechanics

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-22-7
  • English
  • 2018
  • Paper Back
  • 436


  • 1. Statics of Particles and Rigid Bodies
    Introduction, Basic Quantities of Mechanics, System of Forces, Fundamental Laws of Mechanics, Resolution of Forces into Components, Equilibrium, Free Body Diagram, Lami's Theorem, Moment, Couple, Virtual Work, Principle of Virtual Work, Active Forces and Active Force Diagram.
    2. Centroid and Moment of Inertia
    Introduction, Centre of Gravity, Centroid, Location of Centroid, Theorem of Pappus-Guldinus, Location of Centroids of Composite Sections, Moment of Inertia, Theorems of Moments of Inertia, Radius of Gyration, Polar Moment of Inertia, Moment of Inertia of Solid Bodies.
    3. Lifting Machines
    Introduction, Basic Definitions, Ideal Machine, Ideal Effort, Ideal Load, Practical Machine, Reversibility of Machine, Law of Machine, Simple Pulleys, System of Pulleys, Simple Wheel and Axel, Wheel and Differential Axel, Weston’s Differential Pulley Block, Worm and Worm Wheel, Single Purchase Winch Crab.
    4. Friction
    Introduction, Law of Friction, Angle of Friction, Angle of Repose, Cone of Friction, Ladder, Wedge Friction.
    5. Belt Drive
    Introduction, Classification of Belts, Types of Flat Belt Drives, Velocity Ratio, Effect of Slip on Velocity Ratio, Length of Belt, Belt Friction, Power Transmission By Flat Belt Drives, Centrifugal Tension, Initial Tension.
    6. Kinematics of Particles and Rigid Bodies
    Introduction, Some Basic Definitions, Types of Motion, Rectangular Components of Velocity and Acceleration, Angular Velocity and Angular Acceleration, Radial and Transverse Velocities and Accelerations, Projectile Motion, Projectile Motion on an Inclined Plane, Relative Motion.
    7. Kinetics of Particles and Rigid Bodies
    Introduction, Newton's Laws of Motion, D'Alembert's Principle, Equation of Motion in Rectangular Coordinate, Radial and Transverse Components of Equation of Motion, Equation of Motion in a Plane for a Rigid Body.
    8. Work, Energy and Power
    Introduction, Work Done by a Force, Power, Energy, Work-Energy Relation, Kinetic Energy of a Rigid Body, Conservative and Non-conservative Force, Conservation of Energy.
    9. Impulse and Momentum
    Introduction, Principle of Linear Impulse and Momentum, Angular Impulse and Momentum, Principle of Momentum for a Particle and Rigid Body, Principle of Linear Impulse and Momentum for a System of  Particles, Principle of Angular Impulse and Momentum, Angular Momentum of Rigid Body.

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anjali jain

14 Sep 2013

good book

good book

Sumit sharma

13 Mar 2014


According to syllabus curriculum, best numerical approach and detailed theoretical description.....

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