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Advanced Mechanics of Solids

By Hemant Gupta, Shahkool Khan

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Specifications of Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-17-3
  • English
  • 2012, 2013
  • Paper Back
  • 208


  • 1. Analysis of Stress
    Introduction, Body Force and Surface Force, Surface Force, Body Force, Stress Vector, State of Stress at A Point, Rectangular Stress Components, Stress Component on An Arbitrary Plane, Principal Stresses and Stress Invariants, Standard Method of Solution, Orthogonality of Principal Planes, Octahedral Plane and Octahedral Stresses, Important Note for Octahedral Stresses, Decomposition into Hydrostatic and Pure Shear States, Lame’s Ellipsoid, Mohr’s Circle, Mohr’s Stress Plane, Differential Equation of Equilibrium, Equation of Equilibrium in Cylindrical Coordinates, Summary, Review Questions.
    2. Analysis of Strain
    Introduction, The State of Strain at a Point, Deformation, Deformation in the Neighbourhood of a Point, Change in Length of a Linear Element, Principal Axis of Strain and Principal Strain, Compatibility Condition, Summary, Review Questions.
    3. Stress and Strain Relation
    Introduction, Isotropy, Anisotropy and Orthotropy, Generalized Hooke’s Law, Stress-Strain Relations for Isotropic Material, Bulk Modulus, Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio, Modulus of Rigidity, Relation Between the Elastic Constant, Relation Between ?, E and V, Principal Stresses and Principal Strains Equation in Terms of Lame’s Coefficient, For Rectangular Stress and Strain Components in terms of Lame’s Coefficient, Summary, Review Questions.
    4. Bending of Curved Beams
    Introduction, Stress in a Curved Beam [Winkler-Bach Formula], Formulae for Some Common Sections, Rectangular Section, Trapezoidal Section, Circular Cross Section, T-Section, Triangle Section, Elliptical Section, Stresses in Circular Ring, Bending Moment in a Chain Link with Straight Sides and Semi-Circular Ends, Summary, Review Questions.
    5. Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Center
    Introduction, Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Bending, Unsymmetrical Bending, Relationship Between the Bending Moment and the Bending Stress for Unsymmetrical Bending, Shear Flow and Shear Centre, Shear Centre, Shear Center for Sections Symmetrical About One Axis, Shear Center for Channel Section, Shear Center of an I-Beam of Unequal Flanges, Shear Center for Sections Symmetrical About Both Axes, Summary, Review Questions.
    6. Stresses in Thick Walled Cylinders
    Introduction, Stresses in Thick Cylinders (Lame’s Equations), Determination of Constant A and B, Stress Distribution in a Thick Cylinder, Cylinder Subjected to Internal Pressure Only, Cylinder Subjected to External Pressure Only, Compound Thick Cylinders, Stresses in Compound Cylinders, Initial Difference in Radii at the Junction of a Compound Cylinder for Shrinkage, Summary, Review Questions.
    7. Stresses in Rotating Discs
    Introduction, Stresses in Discs of Uniform Thickness, Solid Disc, A Disc with a Central Hole, Maximum Value of Hoop Stress, Comparison of Maximum Stresses in Solid and Hollow Discs, Disc of Uniform Strength, Summary, Review Questions.
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