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Automobile Engineering

By Ankur Pareek, Chintamani Ratnam Jain

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Specifications of Automobile Engineering

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-23-1
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.

    Unit 2. Frame & Body: Layout of chassis, types of chassis frames and bodies, their constructional features and materials. Clutches: single plate, multi-plate, cone clutch, semi centrifugal, electromagnetic, vacuum and hydraulic clutches. Fluid coupling. Brakes: Classification and function; Mechanical, hydraulic, vacuum air and self engineering brakes; Brake shoes and lining materials.

    Unit 3. Gear Boxes: Sliding mesh, constant mesh, synchromesh and epicyclic gear boxes, Automatic transmission system; Hydraulic torque converter; Drives: Overdrive, Propeller shaft, Universal joints, Differential; Rear axle drives.Hotchkiss and torque tube drives; Rear axle types; Front wheel and All wheel drive.

    Unit 4. Wheels and Tyres: Tyre types, Tyre construction; Tyre inflation pressure, Tyre wear and their causes; Re-treading of the tyre, Steering System: steering gear boxes, Steering linkages, Steering  mechanism,Under and Over steering. Steering Geometry, Effect of camber, caster, king pin
    inclination, toe in and toe out; Power steering; Integral and linkage types Suspension System: objective and requirements, Suspension spring, front and rear suspension systems, Independent suspension system Shock absorbers.

    Unit 5. Automotive Electrical System: Battery construction, Charging and testing, battery
    types, Starting and Battery Charging System: Starter motor construction, types of drive, Alternator construction, regulation and rectification.Ignition System: Magneto and coil ignition systems, System components and requirements, Automotive lighting: Wiring systems Electrical instruments; head lamp, electric horn, fuel level indicator.

    Unit 6 Automotive Air Conditioning: Introduction, Loads, Air conditioning system Components, Refrigerants, Fault Diagnosis.Automotive Safety: Safety requirements, Safety Devices, Air bags, belts, radio ranging, NVS (Night Vision System) GPS (Global Positioning System)