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Automobile Engineering

By Ankur Pareek, Chintamani Ratnam Jain

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Specifications of Automobile Engineering

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-23-1
  • English
  • 2014
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • 1. Frame Body and Transmission System
    Introduction, Classification of Automobiles, Main Components of an Automobile, The Chassis, The Engine, The Transmission System, The Body, The Controls, The Auxiliaries, Chassis, Classification of Chassis, Functions of Chassis, Load Acting on the Chassis, Frame, Classification of Frame, Materials for Frame, Sub Frames, Defects in Frame, Body, Requirements of Bodies of Vehicle, Body Construction and Materials, Construction of Body, Materials for Automobile Body, Transmission System, Necessity of Transmission, Clutch, Functions of Clutch, Requirements of Clutch, Principle of Clutch, Types of Clutch, Requirements and Material of Clutch, Single Plate Clutch, Multiplate Clutch, Cone Clutch, Semi-Centrifugal Clutch, Centrifugal Clutch, Electromagnetic Clutch, Vacuum Clutch, Hydraulic Clutches, Troubleshooting Chart for Clutch, Fluid Coupling, Construction, Operating Principle, Characteristics, Review Questions.
    2. Gear Boxes
    Introduction, Purpose of a Gearbox, Sliding Mesh Gearbox, Gear in Neutral, First or Low Speed Gear, Second Speed Gear, Top, Third or High Speed Gear, Reverse Gear, Disadvantages of Sliding Mesh Gearbox, Constant Mesh Gearbox, Synchromesh Gearbox, Epicyclic Gear Box, Automatic Transmission System, Hydraulic Torque Convertor, Overdrive, Universal Hook’s Joint, Cross Type, Ball and Trunnion Type (Variable Velocity Type), Constant Velocity Universal Joint, Differentials, Rear Axle Drives, Semi-floating Axle, Full-floating Axle, Three Quarter Floating Axle, Axle Housings, Hotchkiss Drive, Torque Tube Drive, Four Wheel Drive System, Review Questions.
    3. Wheel and Tyre
    Introduction, Wheels, Types of Wheels, Tyre, Functions of a Tyre, Requirements/Properties of a Tyre, Types of Tyres, Tyre Construction, Comparison between Radial and Bias Ply Type Tyres, Tyre Designations, Tread Pattern, Tyre Inflation Pressure, Tyre and Wheel Wear, Tyre Maintenance, Retreading of Tyres, Review Questions.
    4. Steering System
    Introduction, Steering System Function, Requirement of a Good Steering System, Steering System Component, Steering Linkage, Steering Mechanism, Understeering and Over Steering, Steering Geometry, Front Wheel Alignment, Power Steering, Review Questions.
    5. Suspension System
    Introduction, Function of Suspension System, Need for a Good Suspension System, Suspension System Components, Suspension System Spring, Damper or Shock Absorber, Front Wheel Suspension System, Rear end Suspension System, Independent Suspension, Construction and Function of Independent Suspension System, Review Questions.
    6. Brakes
    Introduction, Function of Brakes, Requirements of a Good Braking System, Classification of Brakes, Mechanical Brake, Internal Expanding Mechanical Brakes (Drum Brakes), Disc Brake, Parking and Emergency Brake, Hydraulic Brakes, Hydraulic Braking System, Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Power Brakes, Self Energizing Brake, Brake Shoes and Lining, Brake Lining Materials, Review Questions.
    7. Charging and Starting System
    Introduction, Components of Automobile Electrical System, Charging Circuit, Components of Charging Circuit, Starting Circuit, Review Questions.
    8. Ignition and Lighting System
    Introduction, Objective of Ignition System, Requirements of an Ignition System, Types of Ignition System, Battery (Coil) Ignition System, Magneto Ignition System, System Components and Terms, Firing Order, Spark Advance Mechanism, Spark Plug, Lighting System, Instruments, Gauges and Accessories, Electric Horn, Fuel Level Indicator, Review Questions.
    9. Automobile Air Conditioning
    Introduction, Requirement of Air-conditioning, Automobile Air-conditioning Loads, Car Cooling Load, Heating or Air Conditioning Loads, Definitions, Air-Conditioning System, Principle, Components, Refrigerants, Classification of Refrigerants, Primary Refrigerants, Secondary Refrigerants, Properties of an Ideal Refrigerant, AC Fault Diagnosis, Review Questions.
    10. Automotive Safety
    Introduction, Active and Passive Safety, Safety Items Fall into Three Classes, Requirement of Automobile Body, Automotive Safety Devices, Devices for Passive Safety, Devices for Active Safety, Air Bags, Safety Belts, Radio Ranges, The LF/MF Four Course Radio Range, VHF Omni-Directional Range (VOR), Night Vision System, Automotive Night Vision System, Active Night Vision System, Passive Night Vision System, Global Positioning System, Review Questions.
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