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Principles of Programming Language

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

By Sanjay Kr. Singh

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Specifications of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-97-2
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
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  • Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.


    Unit 2. Introduction to CIM: Overview of Production Systems, the product cycle, Automation in Production Systems, computer’s role in manufacturing, sources and types of data used in manufacturing. The Beginning of CAM: Historical Background, Numerical Control (NC): Basic components of an NC system, coordinate system and motions control systems. Computer Numerical Control (CNC): features of CNC, machine control unit, CNC software. Direct Numerical Control and Distributed Numerical Control. Applications, advantages and disadvantages of NC. Adaptive control of machining system.


    Unit 3. NC Part Programming: Manual and computer assisted part programming, Part programming with APT. NC part programming using CAD/CAM software. NC cutter path verification.


    Unit 4. Computer Aided Process Planning: Traditional Process Planning, Retrieval process planning system, Generative Process Planning, Machinability data systems, computer generated time standards.Group Technology: Introduction, part families, part classification and coding, coding system and machining cells.


    Unit 5. Computer Aided Production Management Systems: Introduction to computer  aided PPC, Introduction to computer aided inventory management, manufacturing resource planning (MRPII), computer process monitoring and shop floor control, computer process control. Computer Aided Quality Control; Computer in quality control, contact inspection methods, Non contact inspection methods, optical and non optical computer aided testing.


    Unit 6. Computer Aided Material Handling; Computer control on material handling, conveying, picking. Ware house control, computerized material handling for automated inspection and assembly.Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Introduction, types special manufacturing systems, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). Collaborative Engineering; Introduction, Faster Design  throughput, Web based design, Changing design approaches, extended enterprises, concurrent engineering, Agile and lean manufacturing.


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Rahul Joshi

12 Feb 2016

Good Quality

Very intuitive book with the in-depth coverage of basic automation systems to the advancement including Artificial Intelligence


15 Feb 2016


Refined material and well-defined examples! I'll recommend this book, if you're looking to get the knowledge of enabling processes and systems for modern manufacturing

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