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Design of Machine Elements-II

By Girish Chitoshiya, Sanjay Jain

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Specifications of Design of Machine Elements-II

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-70-5
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Unit  1. Fatigue Considerations in Design: Variable load, loading pattern, endurance stresses, Influence of size, surface finish, notch sensitivity and stress concentration. Goodman line, Soderberg line, Design of machine members subjected to combined, steady and alternating stresses. Design for finite life, Design of Shafts under Variable Stresses, Bolts subjected to variable stresses.


    Unit 2. Design of IC Engine components: Piston, Cylinder, Connecting Rod and Crank Shaft.


    Unit 3. Design of helical compression, tension, torsional springs, springs under variable stresses.Design of belt, rope and pulley drive system.


    Unit 4. Design of gear teeth: Lewis and Buckingham equations, wear and dynamic load considerations.Design and force analysis of spur, helical, bevel and worm gears, Bearing reactions due to gear tooth forces.


    Unit 5. Design of Sliding and Journal Bearing: Methods of lubrication, hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, boundary etc. Minimum film thickness and thermal equilibrium. Selection of anti-friction bearings for different loads and load cycles, Mounting of the bearings, Method of lubrication.