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Fluid Mechanics Book for ME Branch

By Mohd. Mukhtar Alam, Ankur Pareek

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Specifications of Fluid Mechanics Book for ME Branch

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-33-3
  • English
  • 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
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  • 1. Basic Definitions and Fluid Properties
    Introduction, Incompressible and Compressible Fluids, The Fluid as a Continuum, Dimensions and Units, Properties of Fluids , Kinematic Viscosity,7 Variation of Viscosity with Temperature and Pressure, Thermodynamic Properties of a Fluid, Types of Fluids, Compressibility and Bulk Modulus, Surface Tension,1 Surface Tension on Liquid Droplet , Surface Tension on a Hollow Bubble, Surface Tension on a Liquid Jet, Capillarity, Vapour Pressure and Cavitation, Pressure of a Fluid, Pressure Head of a Fluid, Pascal’s Law, Pressure Variation in a Fluid at Rest, Absolute, Gauge, Atmospheric and Vacuum Pressures, Measurement of Pressure, Manometers, Differential Manometers, U-Tube Differential Manometers, Inverted U-tube Differential Manometer, Pressure at a Point in Compressible Fluid, Isothermal Process, Adiabatic Process, Temperature at Any Point in Compressible Fluid, Temperature Lapse-Rate (L),Summary, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals, GATE Questions
    2. Fluid Statics
    Introduction, Total Pressure and Centre of Pressure, Total Pressure, Centre of Pressure, Vertical Plane Surface Submerged in Liquid, Total Pressure (F), Centre of Pressure (h*), Horizontal Plane Surface Submerged in Liquid, Inclined Plane Surface Submerged in Liquid,6 Curved Surface Submerged in Liquid, Aerostatics, Isothermal Atmosphere, Polytropic Atmosphere, Buoyancy, Centre of Buoyancy, Meta-centre, Meta-centric Height, Condition of Equilibrium of Floating and Submerged Bodies, Stability of a Submerged Body, Stability of a Floating Body, Analytical Method for Meta-Centre Height, Experimental Determination of Meta-centric Height, Summary, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals , GATE Questions
    3. Kinematics of Fluid Flow

    Introduction, Methods of Describing the Fluid Motion, Types of Flow Lines, Classification of Flow, Rate of Flow or Discharge (Q), Velocity and Acceleration, Velocity Potential and Stream Functions, Velocity Potential Functions, Stream Function (sai), Equipotential Line, Stream Line, Flow Net, Relation between Stream Function and Velocity Potential Function, Movement and Deformation of Fluid Element, Vorticity, Conservation of Mass: The Continuity Equation, Continuity Equation in One Dimension, Continuity Equation in Three Dimension, Fluid Momentum: The Momentum Theorem, The Momentum Equation, Moment of Momentum Equation, Free Liquid Jets, Euler’s Equation of Motion, Application of Bernoulli’s, Summary, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals, GATE Questions
    4. Orifice Discharging and Flow Through Pipes
    Introduction, Classification of Orifices, Flow Through an Orifice, Hydraulic Coefficients, Coefficient of Velocity (Cv), Coefficient of Contraction (Cc) , Coefficient of Discharge (Cd), Coefficient of Resistance (CR), Experimental Determination of Hydraulic Coefficient, Determination of Coefficient of Discharge (Cd), Determination of Coefficient of Velocity (Cv), Determination of Coefficient of Contraction (Cc), Discharge Through a Large Rectangular Orifice, Discharge Through Fully Submerged Orifice, Discharge Through Partially Submerged Orifice, Time of Emptying a Tank Through an Orifice at its Bottom, Time of Emptying a Hemispherical Tank, Time of Emptying a Circular Horizontal Tank, Mouthpiece,Classification, Flow Through an External Cylindrical Mouthpiece, Discharge Through a Convergent-Divergent Mouthpiece, Discharge Through an Internal or Re-entrant or Borda’s Mouthpiece, Notches, Weirs, Classification of Notches and Weirs,Types of Notches, Types of Weirs, Discharge Over a Rectangular Notch or Weir, Discharge Over a Triangular Notch or Weir, Discharge Over a Trapezoidal Notch or Weir , Discharge Over a Stepped Notch, Time Required to Empty a Reservoir With a Rectangular Notch, Time Required to Empty a Reservoir with a Triangular Notch, Velocity of Approach, Empirical Formulae for Discharge Over Rectangular Weir, Discharge Over a Broad Crested Weir, Discharge Over a Narrow-Crested Weir, Discharge Over an Ogee Weir, Discharge Over Submerged or Drowned Weir, The Cipolletti Weir, Pressure Rise due to Valve Closure Water Hammer, Experiment of Reynold's, Observation Concluded by Reynold's, Darcy’s Weisbach Equation, Minor Energy (Head) Loss, Loss of Head Due to Sudden Enlargement, Loss of Head Due to Sudden Contraction, Loss of Head Due to Obstruction in Pipe, Loss of Head at the Entrance of Pipe, Loss of Head at the Exit of a Pipe, Loss of Head Due to Bend in the Pipe, Loss of Head in Various Pipe Fittings, Total and Hydraulic Gradient Lines, Total Energy Lines, Hydraulic Gradient Lines , Pipes in Series or Compound Pipes, Equivalent Pipes, Flow Through Parallel Pipes, Power Transmission Through Pipes, Flow Through Nozzle at the End of a Pipe , Power Transmitted Through the Nozzle, Condition for Transmission of Maximum Power Through Nozzle, Diameter of Nozzle for Transmitting Maximum Power, Summary, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals, GATE Questions
    5. Laminar, Turbulent Flow and Dimensional Analysis
    Introduction, Laminar Flow, Navier Stokes Equation of Motion, Flow of Viscous Fluid in Circular Pipes-Hagen Poiseuille Law, Flow of Viscous Fluid between Two Parallel Plates, Flow of Viscous Fluid Between two Parallel Plates (Fixed), One Plate Moving and Other at Rest (Couette Flow), Kinetic Energy and Momentum Correction Factors (Coriolis Coefficients), Kinetic Energy Correction Factor,  Momentum Correction Factor, Turbulent Flow, Shear Stress in Turbulent Flow, Reynold’s Theory , Prandtl’s Mixing Length Theory, Velocity Distribution in Turbulent Flow in Pipes, Velocity Distribution for Turbulent Flow in Smooth Pipes, Velocity Distribution for Turbulent Flow in Rough Pipes, Velocity Distribution for Turbulent Flow in Terms of Average Velocity, Variation of Friction with Reynold’s Number, Colebrook-White Formula, Dimensional Analysis, System of Units, Dimensional Homogeneity of an Equation, Method for Forming Dimensionless Constants, Procedure for Solving Problems by Buckingham’s theorem, Model & Model Analysis, Similitude, Geometric Similarity, Kinematic Similarity, Dynamic Similarity, Forces Influencing Hydraulic Phenomena, Dimensionless Numbers and Their Significance, Reynold's Number (Re), Froude’s Number (Fr), Euler’s Number (Eu), Weber’s Number (We), Mach's Number (M), Model Laws or Similarity Laws, Reynold’s Model Law, Froude's Model Law, Euler's Model Law, Weber's Model Law, Mach's Model Law, Types of Model, Scale Effect in Models, Summary, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals, GATE Questions
    6. Boundary Layer Flow
    Introduction, Description of the Boundary Layer, Definitions and Characteristics, Boundary Layer, Turbulent Boundary Layer, Laminar Sub-Layer, Boundary Layer Thickness , Displacement Thickness, Momentum Thickness, Energy Thickness, Boundary Layer Separation and Control, Methods of Preventing the Separation of Boundary Layer, The Momentum Equation for the Boundary Layer by Von Karman, Laminar Boundary Layer, Turbulent Boundary Layer, Aerofoils Theory, Flow Around a Body , Expression for Drag and Lift, Dimensional Analysis of Drag and Lift , Pressure Drag and Friction Drag, Drag on a Sphere, Terminal Velocity of a Body, Dynamic Viscosity of Liquid in Terms of Terminal Velocity,  Drag on a Cylinder, Flow Around a Cylinder at Rest, Rotation of Cylinder in Fluid, Circulation,  Magnus Effect , Dynamic Lift, Lift Force, Stagnation Point, Lift Coefficient, Summary, Review Questions, Unsolved Numericals, GATE Questions
    7. Equilibrium of Fluid Particles and Flow
    Fluid in a Container Subjected to Uniform Acceleration in Horizontal Direction, Liquid in a Container Subjected to Uniform Acceleration in the Vertical Direction, Liquid in a Container Subjected to Constant Rotation
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