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Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

By Girish Chitoshiya, Shekhar Bhardwaj, Abhishek Rawat

13 Ratings | 3 Reviews

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Specifications of Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-19-7
  • English
  • 2012, 2013
  • Paper Back
  • 220


  • 1. Aerodynamic Forces and Moments
    Introduction, Fundamental Variables in Aerodynamics, Aerodynamic Forces & Moments, Resultant Aerodynamic Force, Aerodynamic Moments, Concept of Lift and Drag Forces, Buckingham ? Theorem, Dimensionless Force and Moment Coefficient, Critical Pressure Coefficient, Centre of Pressure, Nomenclature of Airfoil, Angle of Attack, Circulation and Lift Over an Airfoil, Kelvin Circulation Theorem, Kutta’s Condition, Kutta Joukowski Theorem, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    2. Blade Theory
    Introduction, Blade Theory, Energy Transfer In Terms of Lift and Drag Coefficient, Cascade Nomenclature, Cascade Nomenclature for Compressor, Turbine Cascade Nomenclature, Cascade Lift and Drag Coefficient, Derivation for Lift and Drag Coefficient, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    3. Isentropic Flow
    Introduction, Isentropic Relations, Isentropic Flow, Velocity of Sound (Vs), Mach Number (M), Propagation of Pressure Waves (Disturbances), Critical Velocity of Sound (Vs*), Stagnation Properties, Stagnation Enthalpy, Stagnation Temperature, Stagnation Pressure, Stagnation Velocity of Sound, Stagnation Density, Reference Speeds, Mach Number M*, Dimensionless Velocity, Effect of Variable Area Flow, Relationship Between Mach Number & Area, Impulse Function Ratio, Mass Flow Rate, Choking of Nozzles, Supersaturated Flow in Nozzles, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    4. Adiabatic Flow and Flow with Heat Transfer
    Introduction, Fanno Curves, Fanno Flow Relations for a Perfect Gas, Effect of Wall Friction on Fluid Properties, Change of Entropy, Variation of Mach Number with Duct Length, Table for Fanno Flow, Diabatic Flow, Rayleigh Lines, Rayleigh Flow Relations, Pressure Ratio, Temperature Ratio, Impulse Function, Density and Velocity Ratio, Change of Entropy, Heat Transfer in Rayleigh Flow, Heat Transfer in Reyleigh Flow, Working Table and Charts, Effect of Change in Stagnation Temperature, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    5. Normal Shock
    Introduction, Shock Waves, Plane Stationary Normal Shocks, The Governing Equations of Normal Shock Wave, Rankine Hugoniot Relation, Relation in Terms of Mach Number, Prandtl Meyer Relation, Normal Shock in a Perfect Gas, Static Pressure Ratio Across the Shock, Temperature Ratio Across the Shock, Stagnation Pressure Ratio Across the Shock, Density Ratio Across the Stock, Change in Entropy Across the Shock, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    P. Paper

Reviews of Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

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ashish singhal

04 Sep 2013


its a god book to learn basic in a easy way


04 Sep 2013

Nothing is impossible

Anyone can score high if he has proper guidance and managed study material

anjali jain

04 Sep 2013

best book

all topics according to syllabus no need to refer another book

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