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Internal Combustion Engines and Diesel Power Plant

By Ankur Pareek, Chintamani Ratnam Jain

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Specifications of Internal Combustion Engines and Diesel Power Plant

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-27-2
  • English
  • 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 276


  • 1. Introduction of Internal Combustion Engine
    Introduction, Development of I.C. Engine, Nomenclature and Components, Engine Components, Nomenclature, Classifications, The Working Principle of Engines, Four Stroke Spark Ignition (S.I.) Engine, Four Stroke Compression Ignition (C.I.) Engine, Valve Timing Diagrams, Valve Timing Diagram Otto Cycle, Diesel Engine, Two Stroke Engine, Valve Timing Diagram for Two Stroke Engine, First Law Analysis of Engine Cycle, Indicated Thermal Efficiency (?ith), Brake Thermal Efficiency (?bth), Mechanical Efficiency (?m), Volumetric Efficiency, Relative Efficiency, Air-Fuel Ratio or Fuel-Air Ratio, Specific Fuel Consumption (sfc), Mean Effective Pressure (pm), Mean Piston Speed ( s p ), Calorific Value, Measurements and Testing, Indicated Power, Brake Power, Friction Power, Fuel Consumption, Air Consumption, Speed, Engine Emission, Emission Standards and Regulations, International Standards, U.S. Standards, India, Fuel Air Cycle, Variable Specific Heats, Effect of Variation of Specific Heats, Dissociation, Effect of Common Engine Variables, Characteristics of Constant Volume Fuel Air Cycle, Importance of Fuel Air Cycle, Actual Cycles, Causes of Deviation of Actual Cycles from Fuel Air Cycles, Difference between Real Cycle and Fuel-Air Cycle, Comparison of Operations and Working Media for Fuel Air Cycle and Actual cycle of S.I Engines, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    2. Fuel and Combustion
    Introduction, Ignition Limits, Combustion in S.I. Engine, Stages of Combustion in S.I. Engine, Normal Combustion and Flame Front, Abnormal Combustion, Detonation or Knocking in S.I. Engines, Theories of Detonation, Design of Combustion Chamber in C.I. Engine, A Cylinder Head with Turbulence-Generating Pot, Pre-Combustion Chamber in Spark-Ignition Engines, Stage of Combustion in C.I. Engine, Delay Period, Swirl in the Combustion Chambers, Diesel Knock, Methods of Controlling Diesel Knock, Combustion Chambers for CI Engines, Air Cell Chamber, Fuels, Petroleum, Refining Process of Petroleum, Knock Rating of Fuels, Alternative Fuels, Manufacturing of Methanol, Manufacturing of Ethanol, Engine Performance with Pure Alcohols i.e. (Methanol and Ethanol), Alcohol as Diesel Fuels, Vegetable Oils as Diesel Fuels, Biogas, Review Questions.
    3. Engine Systems and Components
    Introduction, Combustion in S.I. Engine, Stages of Combustion, Air Fuel Mixture, Mixture Requirement at Different Load and Speed, Carburettion and Carburetors, Types of Carburetor, Solex Carburetor, Carter Carburetor, S.U. Carburetor, Aircraft Carburetor, Injection in S.I. Engine, Fuel Injection, Calculation of the Air-Fuel Ratio, Air Fuel Ratio Neglecting Compressibility of Air, C.I. Engine, Injection System, Components of Injection System, Ignition System, Objective of Ignition System, Requirements of an Ignition System, Conventional Ignition system, Battery (Coil) Ignition System, Magneto Ignition System, Modern Ignition System, Transistorised Coil Ignition (TCI) System, Capacitive Discharge Ignition System (CDI), System Components and Terms, Firing Order, Spark Advance Mechanism, Centrifugal Spark Advance Mechanism, Vacuum Spark Advance Mechanism, Spark Plug, Spark Plug Wires, Construction of Spark Plug, Operating Principle of Spark Plug, Types of Spark Plug, Spark Plug Failure, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    4. Engine Friction, Lubrication and Supercharging
    Introduction, Friction, Determination of Engine Friction, Lubrication Principle, Types of Lubrication, Bearing, Place of Piston Ring, Function of Lubrication, Type of Lubricants, Function of Lubricant, Properties of Lubrication Oil, Rating of Lubricant Oil, Additives, Lubrication System, Petrol Lubrication System or Mist Lubrication System, Wet Sump Lubrication System, Dry Sump Lubrication System, Requirement of Cooling, Areas of Heat Flow, Heat Balance, Cooling System, Air Cooling, Water Cooling System, Supercharging, Type of Superchargers, Methods of Supercharging, Thermodynamic Cycle with Supercharging, Supercharging Power, Two Stroke Engines, Supercharging of Two Stroke Engines, Scavenging, Theoretically Scavenging Process, Scavenging Parameters, Scavenging Systems, Review Questions.
    5. Dual and Multi Fuel Engines and Diesel Power Plant
    Introduction, The Working Principle, Factors Affecting Combustion in a Dual Fuel Engine, Combustion in Dual Fuel Engines, Weak and Rich Combustion Limits, Nature of Knock in a Dual Fuel Engine, Classification of Gaseous Fuels, Performance of Dual Fuel, Advantage of Dual Fuel Engines, Multifuel Engine, Performance of Multifuel Engines with Application of Various Fuels, Difficulties Associated with Multifuel Engine, Modification of Fuel System, Stratified Charge Engine, Methods of Charge Stratification, The Wankel Rotary Combustion (RC) Engine, Free Piston Engine, Operation of Free Piston Engine, Variable Compression Ratio Engine (VCR Engine), Methods of Obtaining Variable Compression Ratio, Performance of Variable Compression Ratio Engines, Diesel Engine Power Plant, Application of Diesel Power Plant, Site Selection, Essential Components of a Diesel Power Plant, Operation of a Diesel Power Plant, Layout of Diesel Engine Power Plant, Review Questions.
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