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Manufacturing Process

By Chintamani Ratnam Jain

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Specifications of Manufacturing Process

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-43-2
  • English
  • 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 212


  • 1. Foundry Technology and Casting Practices
    Introduction, Importance of Manufacturing, Scope of Manufacturing, Survey of Manufacturing Processes, Casting, Foundry Technology, Pattern, Types of Pattern, Pattern Allowances, Shrinkage Allowance, Machining Allowance, Draft or Taper Allowance, Distortion Allowance, Rapping or Shake Allowance, Pattern Material, Moulding Practices, Moulding Materials, Moulding Sand Properties, Sand Testing, Core Preparation, Chaplets, Gating System, Types of Moulds, Casting Practices, Casting, Casting Alloys, Main Casting Processes, Casting Defects, Metal Melting Furnaces, Crucible Furnace, Electric arc Furnace, Pit Type Crucible Furnace, Tilting Type Crucible Furnace, Rotary Furnace, Cupola, Review Questions.
    2. Metal Joining Processes
    Introduction, Soldering, Method of Soldering, Brazing, Filler Materials for Brazing, Adhesive Bonding, Survey of Welding and Allied Processes, Electric Arc Welding, Process of Electric Arc Welding, Electric Power Sources, Polarity in Arc Welding, Gas Welding and Cutting Processes and Equipments, Gas Welding, Difference between Oxy Fuel Welding and Oxy Fuel Cutting Welding, Oxy–Acetylene Welding, Oxyhydrogen Welding, Pressure Gas Welding, Air Acetylene Welding, Cutting Process, Oxy-Hydrogen Cutting Process, Forge Welding, Electric Resistance Welding, Atomic Hydrogen Welding, Induction Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, Plasma Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, Laser-Beam Welding, Electron Beam Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, MIG Welding (Metal Inert Gas Welding), Friction Welding, Explosive Welding, Thermit Welding, Welding of Cast Iron, Cast Iron Welding by Preheating, Welding of Aluminium, Electrode and Electrode Coating, Electrodes, Electrode Coating, Welding Defects, Review Questions.
    3. Forming and Shaping Process
    Introduction, Metal Working, Elastic and Plastic Deformation, Concept of Strain Hardening, Cold Working Process, Cold Rolling, Shearing, Drawing, Deep Drawing, Blanking and Piercing, Coining, Embossing, Bending, Riveting, Cold Heading, Thread Forming and Thread Rolling, Notching, Trimming, Hot Working Process, Hot Forging, Forging Dies Material and Design, Common Forging Operations, Forging Hammers, Forging Presses, Defects in Forging (Metal Working Defects in Forging), Forging Manufacturing Design Considerations, Hot Extrusion, Classification of Extrusion Process, Defects in Extrusion, Hot Rolling, Rolling Principles, Hot Rolling Operations, Roll Pass Sequence, Defects in Rolling, Hot Drawing, Wire Drawing, Tube Drawing Processes, Hot Spinning, Hot Piercing or Seamless Tubing, Difference between Hot Working and Cold Working Processes, Review Questions.
    4. Powder Metallurgy and Rapid Prototyping Process
    Introduction, Steps of Powder Metallurgy Process, Powder Manufacturing, Blending and Mixing of Powder, Compacting, Pre-Sintering, Sintering, Post-Sintering Operations, Advantages of Powder Metallurgy, Disadvantages or Limitation of Powder Metallurgy, Application of Powder Metallurgy, Rapid Prototyping Process, Rapid Prototyping, Common Methodology of Rapid Prototyping, Classification of Rapid Prototyping, Review Questions.
    5. Plastic Technology
    Introduction, Plastic Materials, Classification of Plastic Materials, Additives and Fillers (Ingredients), Properties of Plastics, Mechanical Properties, Chemical Properties, Electrical Properties, Optical Properties, Plastic Manufacturing Methodologies, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Extrusion Moulding, Compression Moulding, Transfer Moulding, Calendering, Thermoforming, Slush Moulding, Coating, Laminating, Moulding Defects and Cures, Air bubbles or Blisters, Burn Marks on the Moulded Part and its Surface, Cold Flow, Flash, Jetting, Knit Line, Pin Push, Short Shot, Sinks, Discoloration, Splash, Flow Marks, Industrial Prospective, Review Questions.
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