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Manufacturing Science and Technology

By Amit Saraf

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Specifications of Manufacturing Science and Technology

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-31-9
  • English
  • 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 216


  • 1. Jigs and Fixtures
    Introduction, Definition and Differences, Usefulness of Jigs and Fixtures, Design Considerations, Materials Used for Manufacturing of Jigs and Fixtures, Principle of Location, The Principle of Six Point Location (3-2-1 Method), The Principle of Minimum Locating Points, The Principle of Mutually Perpendicular Planes, The Principle of Extreme Positions, Locating Devices and Methods, Clamping, Design and Operational Factors in Clamping, Clamping Elements, Jig Bushes, Drilling Jigs, Types of Drilling Jigs, Fixtures, Milling Fixture, Turning Fixture, Boring Fixture, Welding Fixture, Assembly Fixture, Broaching Fixture, Indexing Devices, Economics of Jigs and Fixtures, Complete Design of Jig and Fixture, Review Questions.
    2. New Machining Methods
    Introduction, Classification of New Machining Methods, Types of Machining Methods, Comparison of Unconventional Machining Methods, Process Selection, Limitation of New Machining Methods, Hot Machining, Methods for Heat Generation, Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), Important Characteristics of EDM, Ultra Sonic Machining, Components of Ultrosonic Machine, Characteristics of USM, Electron Beam Machining, Power of Electro Beam, Laser Beam Machining, Abrasive Jet Machining, AJM Elements, Jet Velocity, Metal Removal Rate, Plasma Arc Machining, Process Detail of PAM, Characteristics of PAM, Economics of Machining, Cost, High Efficiency Range, Review Questions.
    3. Precision Measurement
    Introduction, Standards of Linear Measurements, Linear and Angular Measurements, Linear Measurement, Angular Measurement, Screw Thread Measurement, Types of Thread, Screw Thread Terminology, Measurements of Various Elements of Screw Thread, Measurement of Effective Diameter, Measurement of Pitch, Measurement of Gears, Gear Terminology, Tooth Profile Measurement, Measurement of Tooth Thickness, Measurement of Pitch, Surface Measurement, Surface Roughness, Terminology of Surface Roughness, Quantitative Methods of Surface Measurement, Precision Measuring Instruments, Comparators, Characteristics of Comparators, Mechanical Comparators, Dial Indicator, Lever Comparator, Sigma Comparator, Johansson Mikrokator, Reed Type Comparator, Optical Comparators, Electrical Comparators, Pneumatic Comparators, Mechanical Optical Comparator, Applications of Comparators, Optical Flat, Materials for Optical Flats, Principle and Working, Applications, Autocollimator, Construction of an Autocollimator, Principle and Working, Applications of Autocollimator, Slip Gauges, Bevel Protractor, Review Questions.
    4. Design of Single Point and Multipoint Cutting Tools
    Introduction, Basic Tool Angles, Functions of Various Tool Angles, Design of Single Point Cutting Tool, Parting Tool, Determinations of Force Component, Empirical Determination of Force Component, Power and Force in Turning, Force of Drilling, Design of Milling Cutter, Classification of Milling Cutters, Elements of a Plain Milling Cutter, Cutter Angles, Milling Cutter Material, Number of Teeth in Cutter, Size of Cutter, Chip Cross Section, Force Analysis and Power Consumption, Approach Through Dimensional Analysis, Solved Examples, Review Questions.
    5. Design of Machine Tool Element
    Introduction, Lathe Bed, Elements of Design, Various Bed Sections, Material and Construction Features, Design for Torsional Rigidity, Mathematical Analysis, Use of Reinforcing Stiffeners in Lathe Bed, Procedure for Design, Guideways, Types of Guideways, Design of Slideways, Shapes of Slideways, Design Criteria and Calculation for Slideways, Anti-friction Guideways, Materials for Guideways, Plastic Guideways, Hydro Static Guideways, Review Questions.
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