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Micro and Nano Manufacturing

By Nikita Agarawal, Pinki Mittal

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Specifications of Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-81-1
  • English
  • 2019
  • Paper Back
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  • Unit 1.

    Nanoscale Cutting:- Introduction, Material representation and microstructure, Atomic interaction;

    Nonomachining:- Introduction, Nanometric machining, Theoretical basis of machining;

    Meso-micromcahining:- Introduction, size effects in micromachining, mechanism for large plastic flow, origin of the size effect, Mesomachining processes.

    Product quality in micromachining, Burr formation in micromachining operations.

    Unit 2.

    Microturning:- Characteristic features and applications, Microturning tools and tooling systems, Machine tools for microturning.

    Microdrilling: Characteristic features and applications, Microdrills and tooling systems, Machine tools for microdrilling

    Micromilling:- Characteristic features and applications, Micromills and tooling systems, Machine tools for micromilling,

    Micro machining high aspect ratio microstructures, micromolding, micromolding processes, micromolding tools, micromold design, micromolding applications, limitations of micromolding.

    Unit 3.

    Microgrinding and Ultra-precision Processes: Introduction, Micro and nanogrinding, Nanogrinding apparatus, Nanogrinding procedures, Nanogrinding tools, Preparation of nanogrinding wheels, Bonding systems, Vitrified bonding.

    Non-Conventional Processes: Laser Micromachining:- Introduction, Fundamentals of lasers, Stimulated emission, Types of lasers, Laser microfabrication, Nanosecond pulse microfabrication, Shielding gas, Effects of nanosecond pulsed microfabrication, Picosecond pulse microfabrication, Femtosecond pulse microfabrication, Laser nanofabrication.

    Unit 4.

    Diamond Tools in Micromachining: Introduction, Diamond technology, Hot Filament CVD (HFCVD), Preparation of substrate, Selection of substrate material, Pre-treatment of substrate, Modified HFCVD process.

    Deposition on complex substrates, Diamond deposition on metallic (molybdenum) wire, Deposition on WC-Co microtools, Diamond deposition on tungsten carbide, (WC-Co) microtool, Performance of diamond-coated microtool

    Unit 5.

    Evaluation of Subsurface Damage in Nano and Micromachining: Introduction, Destructive evaluation technologies, Cross-sectional microscopy, Preferential etching, Angle lapping/angle polishing, X-ray diffraction, Micro-Raman spectroscopy.

    Applications of Nano and Micromachining in Industry: Introduction, Typical machining methods, Diamond turning, Shaper/planner machining, Applications in optical manufacturing, Aspheric lens, Fresnel lens, Microstructured components, Semiconductor wafer production.