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Power System Planning

By Ankita Sharma

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Specifications of Power System Planning

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-82-8
  • English
  • 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
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  • Unit-I

    Introduction of power planning, National and Regional Planning, structure of P.S., planning tools

    Electricity Regulation, Electrical Forecasting, forecasting techniques modeling.


    Generation planning, Integrated power generation cogeneration/captive power, Power pooling and power trading. Transmission and distribution planning.

    Power system Economics. Power sector finance, financial planning, private participation Rural Electrification investment, concept of Rational tariffs.


    Power supply Reliability, Reliability planning. System operation planning, load management, load prediction, reactive power balance

    Online power flow studies, state estimation, computerized management, power system simulator.


    Computer aided planning, wheeling. Environmental effects, the greenhouse effect

    Technological impacts. Insulation coordination. Reactive compensation.


    Optimal power system expansion planning : Formulation of least cost optimization problem incorporating the capital,

    Operating and maintenance cost of candidate plants of different types (Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear, Non-conventional etc.) and minimum assured reliability constraint – optimization techniques for solution by programming.