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Product Development and Launching

By Rahul Choudhary , Pankaj Agarwal

5 Ratings | 1 Reviews

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Specifications of Product Development and Launching

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-34-0
  • English
  • 2013, 2014
  • Paper Back
  • 196


  • 1. Importance of New Product
    Introduction, Product and New Product, Defining Product by Nature of Demand, Characteristics of a Product, Product Life Cycle (PLC), Phases of PLC, Importance of New Product for Growth of Enterprise, Requirements for New Product Development, Strategies for New Product Development, Responsibility for New Product Development, Product Development Team, Demands on Product Development Team, Classification of Products from New Product Development Point of View, New Product Development Process, Idea Generation, Idea Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Marketing Strategy Development, Business Analysis, Product Development and Testing, Market Testing, Commercialization or Launch, New Product Development Organizations, Organizations Formed by Establishing Links Among Individuals, Organizational Links Aligned with Functions, Projects, or Both, Generic Product Development Process for Market Pull Products, Modification of Generic Product Development Process for other Types of Products, Review Questions.
    2. Need Analysis-Problem Formulation
    Introduction, Problem Formulation, Benchmarking, A Step-by-Step Approach to Benchmarking, Establish Economic Existence of Need, How to Establish Economic Existence of Need, Problems in Establish Economic Existence of Need, Economic Analysis, Economic Analysis Process, Need Identification, Need Analysis, Steps of Need Analysis, Engineering Statement of Problem, Writing Problem Statement, Good Problem Statement Qualities, Criteria for a Good Problem Statement, Target Marketing, Target Specification, When Are Specifications Established, Establishing Target Specification, Review Questions.
    3. Generation of Alternatives and Concept Selection
    Introduction, Concept Generation – A Creative Process, Concept Generation Model, Generating Design Concepts, Morphological Analysis, Morphological Chart, Creativity, Creative Thinking, Creative Thinking Process, Roadblocks to Creativity, Tools of Creativity, Brainstorming, Analogy, Inversion, Concept Feasibility, Concept Selection, Some Methods for Choosing a Concept, Advantages of Structured Concept Selection Method, Concept Screening and Concept Scoring, Establishing Engineering Specification of Products, Evaluation Methods, Absolute Comparison of Design Concepts, Relative Comparison of Design Concepts, Review Questions.
    4. Preliminary & Detailed Design-Design Review
    Introduction, Engineering Design Process, Product Architecture, Product Architecture Process, Configuration Design, Parametric Design, System, Features of Systems, Identification of Subsystems, Subsystem Specifications, Compatibility, Detailed Design of Subsystems, Component Design, Working Drawing, Detail Drawing, Assembly Drawing, Manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing Defined (DFM), Performed Throughout the Development Process, DFM Requires a Cross Functional Team, Overview of the DFM Process, Ergonomics, Importance of Ergonomics, Types of Ergonomics, Ergonomics in Product Design, Aesthetic Design Parameter, Review Questions.
    5. Management of New Product
    Introduction, Challenges of New Product Development, Maintaining Focus, Promotion of Right Culture, Management of Creativity, Top Management Attention, Team Staffing and Organization, Functional Organization, Project Organization, Hybrid Organization, Setting Key Milestones, Risk Management, Risk Management Process Involves, Project Execution, Project Execution Process, Project Evaluation, Types of Evaluation, Difference Between Monitoring and Evaluation, Evaluation Indicator, Product Launch, Methods of Launching, The Product Launch Cycle, The Product Launch Process, Critical Path Analysis, Effective Plan for Product Launch, Management of Launch, Product Launch Management Challenges, Product Launch Criteria, Product Launch Mistakes, Project Planning, Steps in the Planning Process, Project Planning Process, Project Task Matrix, Function of Task Matrix, Typical Uses, Estimation of Time, Estimation of Resources, Project Scheduling, Schedule Inputs, Scheduling Tools, Review Questions.
    P. Paper

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dinesh kumar

04 Sep 2013


No any other book can be simple and understandable as it

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