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Quality Assurance and Reliability

By Sanjay Jain, Harsh Tanwar

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Specifications of Quality Assurance and Reliability

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-25-5
  • English
  • 2014
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • 1. Quality and Quality Improvement
    Introduction, Quality, Quality Characteristics, Dimensions of Quality, History of Quality Methodology, Quality Control, Off-Line Quality Control, Statistical Process Control, Acceptance Sampling Plans, Quality of Design and Quality of Conformance, Quality Policy and Objectives, Economics of Quality, Failure Cost, Appraisal Cost, Prevention Cost, Modeling Process Quality, Frequency Distribution, Characteristics of Frequency Distribution Graphs, Probability Distribution, Process Quality, Sampling Distributions, Estimation of Process Parameters, Analysis of Variance, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    2. Statistical Quality Control
    Introduction, Concept of SQC, Causes of Variation, Statistical Basis of Control Chart, Basic Principles, Choice of Control Limits, Sample Size and Sampling Frequency, Analysis of Patterns on Control Charts, The Magnificent Seven, Control Chart for Variables, Types of Variable Control Charts, Applications of Variable Control Charts, Solved Examples, Summery, Review Questions.
    3. Control Chart For Attributes
    Introduction, Control Chart for Fraction Non-Conforming, p-Chart, np-Chart, c-chart, u-chart, Demerit Systems, Choice between Attribute and Variable Control Charts, Process Capability Ratio, Use and Interpretation of C p, Process Capability Ratio on Off-Center Process, Normally and the Process Capability Ratio, More about Process Centering, Confidence Intervals Process Capability Ratio, Statistical Process Control For Short Productions Runs, X and R Charts for Short Production Runs, Attribute Control Chart For Short Production Runs, Process Capability Analysis, Process Capability Analysis Using Histogram and Probability Plot, Six Sigma, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions.
    4. Quality Assurance and Acceptance Sampling
    Introduction, Acceptance Sampling, Producer and Consumer Risks, Acceptance Sampling Plan, Single Sampling Plan, Double Sampling Plan, Multiple Sampling Plans, Quality Assurance, Advantages of Quality Assurance, Quality Audit, ISO 9000, ISO 9000 Principles, ISO 9000 Interact with Other Standards, What Does ISO 9000 Mean to Me and My Company?, ISO 14000, Components of ISO 14000 Series, Solved Example, Summery, Review Questions.
    5. Reliability and Life Testing
    Introduction, Definition of Reliability, Causes of Failure, Failure Data Analysis, Failure Rate, Mean Failure Rate, Failure Density, Hazard Function or Hazard Rate, Mathematical Analysis, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Failure Modes and Bathtub Curve, Failure or Hazard Rate Models, Constant Failure Rate Model, Weibull Distribution, Weibull Analysis, Mean and Variance of Weibull, MTTF (Mean Time to Failure), Skewness and Kurtosis, Weibull Plotting, Estimation of Parameters, System Reliability, Series Configuration, Parallel Configuration, Mixed Configuration, Specific Hazard Models, Constant Hazard Rate Model, Linearly Increasing Hazard Rate Model, Redundancy, Introduction to Availability and Maintainability, Measures of Maintainability and Availability, Maintainability Function, Availability Function, Taguchi Method of Design of Experiments, Assumptions of the Taguchi Method, Designing an Experiment, Quality Loss Function, Solved Examples, Summary, Review Question.