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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System

By Amit Mandal, Girish Chitoshiya

9 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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Specifications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System

Book Details

  • 978-93-82247-39-5
  • English
  • 2020
  • Paper Back
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  • Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.


    Unit 2. Introduction: Refrigeration and second law of Thermodynamics, Refrigeration effect and unit of Refrigeration, Heat pump, reversed Carnot cycle.Vapour Compression Refrigeration System: Analysis of simple  vapour compression Refrigeration cycle by p-h and T-S diagram. Effect of operating conditions Multiple  Evaporator and Compressor System: Application, air compressor system, Individual compressor, compound compression, cascade system. Application, air compressor systems, individual compressor, compound compression, cascade system.


    Unit 3. Gas Cycle Refrigeration: Limitation of Carnot cycle with gas, reversed Brayton cycle, Brayton cycle with regenerative heat exchanger. Air Cycle for Air Craft: Necessity of cooling of air craft, Basic cycle, boot strap, regenerative type air craft refrigeration cycle.


    Unit 4. Other Refrigeration Systems (Description only): Vapour absorption refrigeration system, Electrolux refrigerator, Lithium Bromide - Water system, Water vapour refrigeration system, Vortex tube refrigeration system, thermo electric refrigeration system. Refrigerants: Classification, Nomenclature, selection of Refrigerants, global warming  potential of CFC Refrigerants. Refrigeration Equipments: Compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion devices, types & working.


    Unit 5. Psychrometry: Psychrometric properties, psychometric relations, pyschrormetric charts, psychrometric processes, cooling coils, Bypass factor, Apparatus Dew point temperature and air washers. Human Comfort: Mechanism of body heat losses, factors affecting human comfort, effective temperature, comfort chart.


    Unit 6. Cooling Load Calculations: Internal heat gain, system heat gain, RSHF, ERSHF, GSHF, cooling load estimation, heating load estimation, psychrometric calculation for cooling.  Selection of Air Conditioning: Apparatus for cooling and dehumidification, Air conditioning system, year round air conditioning.


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Dinesh kumar

04 Sep 2013


Thanks for making easy Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System subject in a affordable price


04 Sep 2013


I am grateful to GENIUS to feels me an extraordinary

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