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Sociology and Elements of Economics for Engineers

By Ajay Goyal, Dr. Anoop Kumar Atria

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Specifications of Sociology and Elements of Economics for Engineers

Book Details

  • ISBN 978-93-83733-77-4
  • English
  • 2015
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • 1. Sociology: An introduction 
    Introduction, Society, Social Structure, Social Mobility, Gender, Caste and Class, The Civil Society, Social Change in Contemporary India, Summary, Review Questions
    2.  Indian Society and their Economy 
    Introduction, Political Economy, Social Exclusion, Social Inclusion, Changing Nature of Work and Organisation, Ecology, Environment, Summary, Review Questions
    3. Economics 
    Introduction, Branches of Economics, Principle of Economics, Nature of Economic Analysis, Economy,  Production Possibility Curve/Production Possibility Line/Production  Possibility Frontier/Transformation Curve, Summary, Review Questions
    4. Theory of Demand
    Introduction, Demand Schedule, Demand Curve, Demand Function, Individual Demand Function, Market Demand Function, The Law of Demand, Summary, Review Questions
    5. Elasticity of Demand
    Introduction, Degrees or forms of Elasticity of Demand, Methods of Measuring Elasticity of Demand, Elasticity of Demand for two Intersecting Demand Curves,  Determinants or Factors Affecting Elasticity of Demand,  Solved Examples, Summary, Review Questions
    6. Theory of Supply and Elasticity of Supply
    Introduction, Supply Schedule, Supply Curve, Supply Function, The Law of Supply, Change in Quantity Supplied and Change in Supply, Meaning of Elasticity of Supply, Degrees or forms of Elasticity of Supply,  Methods of Measuring Elasticity of Supply, Elasticity of Supply for Two Intersecting Supply Curves,  Solved Examples, Summary, Reviews Questions
    7. Macroeconomics
    Introduction, Stock and Flow, Real and Nominal GDP, GDP and Welfare, Net Indirect Taxes (NIT), Market Price (MP) and Factor  Cost (FC), Meaning of National Income (NI), Aggregate Demand (AD), Aggregate Supply (AS), Aggregate Demand (AD) and Aggregate Supply (AS Approach of Determination of Equilibrium, Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Summary, Review Questions
    8. Public Sector Economics
    Introduction, Types of Public Sector Economics, Labour Market, Capital Market, Debt Market, Component of Financial System, Review Questions
    9. Central Bank and Money Creation
    Introduction,  Functions of Central Bank, Money Creation by the Commercial Bank (Credit Creation), Money Multiplier (m), Summary, Review Questions
    10. Inflation
    Introduction, Types of Inflation, Measures of Inflation in India, Inflation Trends in India, Causes of Inflation in India, Adverse Effects of Inflation, Policies to Control Inflation, Summary, Review Questions 
    11. Indian Economy
    Introduction, Central Problem And Economic System, Economic Planning, Appraisal of Planing In India (1950-1990), Agriculture, Issues or Policies of Indian Agriculture, Industry, Trade Policy: Import Substitution, Employment, Productive Activity, Challenges in Economics , Summary, Review Questions