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Steam Engineering

By Amit Mandal

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Specifications of Steam Engineering

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  • ISBN 978-93-80311-49-4
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  • Chapter 1 Vapor Power Cycle

    Introduction, Vapor Power Cycle, Conceptual Analysis of Rankine Cycle, Some Terms used in Steam Power Plant, Condenser, Reason of High Vacuum Creation in Condenser, Limitation of Turbine and Other Hardware Accessories of Rankine Cycle, Efficiency of Reheat Cycle, Mean Temperature Heat Addition in Rankine Cycle, Ideal Regenerative Rankine Cycle, Analysis of Regenerative Cycle, Increment of Mean Temperature Heat Addition by Regeneration, Carnotizing the Rankine Cycle by the Help of Number of Regeneration, Regenerative Rankine Cycle with Closed Feed Water or Surface Contact Feed Water Heater, Regenerative Water Extraction Cycle,  Ideal Reheat and Regenerative Rankine Cycle, Different Efficiencies in Rankine Cycle, Analysis of Binary Vapor Cycle, Cogeneration, Turbine’s with Arrangement of Process Heat, Use of Steam Table to Find the Cardinal Points of Rankine Cycle, The h-s Diagram of Rankine Cycle, Solved Examples, Review Questions, Numerical Questions


     Chapter 2         Introduction to Steam Turbines

    Introduction, An Exercise for Vectors (Students can Skip This Section in Case Having Elementary Knowledge of Vectors) , The Steam Turbine, Impulse Turbine, The Impulse Reaction Turbine, Degree of Reaction, The Forces Developed in an Impulse Reaction Turbine, The Parsons Reaction Turbine, Other Classifications of Steam Turbines, Different Coefficients Regarding the Turbine Blade and Moving Steam, Work Done of Multistage Turbine, Condition of Shock Less Entry, Governing of Steam Turbines, Nozzle Control Governing, By Pass Governing, Wilians Line, Graphical Method of Solution of Numerical Problems, Solved Examples, Review Questions, Numerical Questions

    Chapter 3 Coal Handing System in Steam Power Plant

    Introduction, Types of Thermal Power Plant, Fuel and Fuel Handling, Solid Fuels, Coal,  The Liquid Fuels,

    Characteristic of Liquid Fuels, Classification of Fuel Oil, Gaseous Fuel, Coal Handling, Out Plant Coal Handling, In Plant Coal Handling, Coal Preparation, Coal Transfer Equipment, Belt Conveyer, Screw Conveyer, Bucket Elevators, Review Questions


    Chapter 4 Boilers and Combustion of Fuel

    Introduction, Components of Boilers, Boiler Mountings, Boiler Accessories, Classification of Boiler, According to Mode of Heat Transfer, According to Draught System or Air Circulation, According to Pressure, According to Capacity of Boiler, Some High Pressure Boilers, LaMont Boiler, Benson Boiler, Loeffler Boiler, Velox Boiler,  Super-critical Boilers, Modern Advances in Boilers, Combustion of Fuel, Combustion of Coal, Stoker Feed Combustion, Pulverized Burning of Fuel, The FBC or Igni Fluid Bed Type Combustor, Cyclone Combustor, Review Questions


    Chapter 5 Cooling Towers and Ash Handling Systems

    Introduction, Cooling, Evaporative Cooling, Process of Cooling used in Cooling Tower, Cooling Ponds, Cooling Tower, The Ash Handling Systems, Solid Ash Handling,  Mechanical Ash Handling System, Hydraulic System of Ash Handling, Pneumatic Ash Handling System, Steam Jet Ash Handling System, Review Questions

    Chapter 6 Steam Nozzles

    Introduction, Types of Nozzles, Diffuser, Diffuser Efficiency, Total Pressure Loss Coefficient, Pressure Recovery Coefficient, Equation of Continuity Through Nozzle, The Stagnation Properties, Stagnation Properties of a Moving Compressible Fluid, Adiabatic Process, Critical Pressure Ratio for Adiabatic Expansion, Velocity of Sound and Mach Number, Application of Steady Flow Energy Equation in Nozzle, Mathematical Explanation for Maximum Mass Flow Rate Through Nozzle, Momentum Equation of Nozzle Physical Significance of Critical Pressure Ratio and Context of Chocked Flow, Nozzle Efficiency and Effect of Friction on Nozzle, The Flow Profile Through a Nozzle and Normal Shock, Design of Nozzle, Supersaturated Flow, Solved Examples, Review Questions