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Specifications of Vibration Engineering

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  • ISBN 978-93-83733-69-9
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  • 1. Noise and Vibration

    Objectives, Introduction, Subjective Response to Sound, Frequency Dependent Human Response to Sound, Sound Pressure Dependent Human Response, Decibel Scale, Relationship Among Sound Intensity and Sound Pressure Level, Sound Spectra, Octave Band Analysis, Loudness, Noise, Noise Rating and Regulation, Major Sources of Noise, Industrial Noise Sources, Industrial Noise Control Strategies, Noise Control, Noise Control at the Source, Noise Control Along the Path, Noise Control at the Receiver, Vibration, Classification of Vibrations, Scope of Vibrations, Important Terminology used in Vibration Analysis, Degree of Freedom, Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), Phase Difference, Addition of Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), Representation of SHM into Complex Form, Vector Representation of Harmonic Vibration, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    2.  Undamped and Damped Vibration

    Objectives, Introduction, Undamped Vibration, Newton’s Second Law, D’Alembert’s, Principle, Principle of Conservation of Energy, Derivation of Equation of Motion, for One-dimensional Vibrations,  Energy Method, Rayleigh’s Method (Method of Static Deflection of Mass), Compound Pendulum, Centre of Percussion, Springs in Combination, Damped Vibrations, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    3. Forced Vibration

    Objectives, Introduction, Types of Forced Vibration, Forced Vibration with Constant Harmonic Excitation, Transient and Steady State Parts, Frequency Response Curve and Phase Angle Plot, Transmissibility and Vibration Isolation (V.I.), Forced Vibration with Rotating and Reciprocating Unbalance, Forced Vibration with Rotating Unbalance, Forced Vibration with Reciprocating Unbalance, Materials used for Isolation, Forced Vibrations due to Base Excitation, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    4. Two Degree of Freedom Systems

    Objectives, Introduction, Principle Mode of Vibrations, Mode Shapes, Forced Undamped Vibration of Two Degree of Freedom with Harmonic Excitation, Vibration Absorber, Many Degree of Freedom System: Exact Analysis, Influence Coefficients,

    Matrix Iteration Method, Critical Speed of a Light Shaft without Damping, Critical Speed of a Shaft Having Multiple Discs, Secondary Critical Speed, Solved Examples, Review Questions

    5. Many Degrees of Freedom Systems

    Objectives,  Introduction, Rayleigh’s Method, Dunkerley's Method, Holzer Method, Stodola’s Method, Approximate Methods for Multi-Degrees of Freedom and Continuous Systems, Approximate Methods, Rayleigh's Upper Bound Approximation for Lumped Mass System, Dunkerley's Method (Semi Empirical) Approximate Solution, Matrix Iteration Method, Estimation of Higher Mode Frequencies, Equations of Motion,  Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors, Solving The Eigen Value Problem, Special Matrices, Method of Influence Coefficient, Vibration of Geared System, Torsional Vibrations with Multi Rotor System, Coordinate Coupling and Principal Coordinates, Vibration of Continuous Systems, Introduction to Continuous Systems Lateral Vibration of a Flexible Taut String, Longitudinal Vibration of Rod, Torsional Vibration of Shafts, Solution of Wave Equation, Lateral Vibration of Euler-Bernoulli Beam, Solved Examples.

    Review Questions