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Indian Economic Development

By Dr. Anoop Kumar Atria

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Specifications of Indian Economic Development

Book Details

  • 978-93-83733-08-8
  • English
  • 2020
  • Paper Back
  • -


  • Unit 1: Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991 28 Periods

    A brief introduction of the state of Indian economy on the eve of independence.

    Common goals of Five Year Plans.

    Main features, problems and policies of agriculture (institutional aspects and new agricultural strategy, etc.), industry (IPR 1956, SSI: Role and Importance) and foreign trade.

    Economic Reforms since 1991:

    Features and appraisals of liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation (LPG policy); Concepts of demonetization and GST


    Unit 2: Current Challenges Facing Indian Economy 60 Periods

    Poverty: absolute and relative; Main programmes for poverty alleviation: A critical assessment;

    Rural Development: Key issues - credit and marketing - role of cooperatives; agricultural diversification; alternative farming - organic farming

    Human Capital Formation: How people become resource; Role of human capital in economic development; Growth of Education Sector in India

    Employment: Growth and changes in work force participation rate in formal and informal sectors; problems and policies.

    Infrastructure: Meaning and Types: Case Studies: Energy and Health: Problems and Policies- A critical assessment;

    Sustainable Economic Development: Meaning, Effects of Economic Development on Resources and Environment, including global warming.


    Unit 3: Development Experience of India 12 Periods

    A comparison with neighbours

    India and Pakistan

    India and China

    Issues: Economic growth, population, sectoral development and other Human Development Indicators.