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By Dr. Anoop Kumar Atria

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Specifications of PROJECTS IN ECONOMICS test

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-78-0
  • English
  • 2018
  • Paper Back
  • 400


  • 1 Introduction: Theoretical Perspective of Projects
    1.0 Project
    1.1 Choosing the Project Topic
    1.2 Value Addition and Enhancement
    2 Process Perspective of Project 
    2.0 Project Process
    2.1 Specifying Objectives
    2.2 Identifying Methodology
    2.3 Developing a Work Plan or Outline
    2.4 Practical Projects
    2.5 Surveys and Questionnaires.
    2.6 Sampling and Sampling Techniques
    A. Non-Probability Sampling
    B. Probability Sampling
    3 The Project Report, Data Preparation and Data Analysis
    3.0 Length of the Project Report
    3.1 Format of Project Report
    3.2 Brief Description of Contents of Project
    3.2.1 Cover page and title
    3.2.2 Contents
    3.2.3 Preface
    3.2.4 Acknowledgements:
    3.2.5 Introduction
    3.2.6 Literature Review:
    3.2.7 Project Question and Problem Identification
    3.2.8 Project Methodology
    3.2.9 Data Interpretation Measures of Central Tendency. Measures of Variation The Coefficient of Correlation
    3.3 How to Make Data Table for Analysis?
    Suggestive and Potential Project Outlines from
    Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
    Unit I : Introductory Microeconomics 
    Unit II : Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand .
    Unit III : Producer Behaviour and Supply
    Unit IV : Forms of Market and Price Determination
    under Perfect Competition
    Unit V : National Income and Related Aggregates.
    Unit VI : Money and Banking.
    Unit VII : Determination of Income and Employment.
    Unit VIII : Government Budget and the Economy
    Unit IX : Balance of Payments
    Sample Projects 
    5.1 Sample Project-I 
    5.1.1 General Opinion Survey
    A Study of Satisfaction among the Consumers of Soft Drinks
    5.1.2 Format of Project Report. Introduction Literature Review Project Questions: Project Methodology (Including Project Objectives): Data Analysis and Interpretation or Content Analysis Evaluation, Conclusion and Recommendation References Appendix (i.e. Questionnaire and (or) others)
    5.2 Sample Project II 
    5.2.1 General Opinion Survey
    Impact Assessment of Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA)
    5.2.2 Format of Project Report . Introduction: Literature Review: Project Questions Project Methodology (including Project Objectives): Data Analysis and Interpretation or Content: Critical Evaluation, Conclusion and Recommendations References . Appendix (i.e. Questionnaire and/or any relevant data)
    5.3 Sample Project III (Secondary Data based) 
    An Elementary Study of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India..
    5.3.1 Introduction
    5.3.2 Fundamentals and Genesis of GST
    5.3.3 Goods and Services Tax Council (GSTC)
    5.3.4 Salient Features of GST 
    5.3.5 Benefits of GST
    5.3.6 Goods and Services Tax Network.
    5.3.7 Literature Review.
    5.3.8 The Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) In India
    5.3.9 Economic Impact of GST
    5.4 Sample Project IV
    An Impact Analysis of Post Demonetized Indian Economy 
    5.4.1 Introduction.
    5.4.2 Demonetization-Literature Review
    5.4.3 Effects of Demonetization 
    5.4.4 Conclusion
    Alternative Banking Channels in IndusInd Bank &
    Customer Awareness and Satisfaction.
    6.1 Introduction 
    6.2 Indian Banking Scenario..
    6.3 Shift Owing To Rewritten Banking Style
    & Its Management Rules.
    6.4 About Alternative Banking Channels..
    6.5 Alternative Banking Channels.
    6.6 Company Profile 
    6.7 Services Offered By the Bank.
    6.8 Cost–Revenue Aspects 
    6.9 Methodology of Field Survey
    6.10 Findings .
    6.11 Swot Analysis of Alternative Banking Channels ..
    In IndusInd Bank .
    6.12 Conclusion ..
    6.13 Suggestions 
    6.14 References
    Sample Questionnaires..
    General Opinion Survey
    Analysis of Awareness of Economics Terms
    and Events in General Public
    General Opinion Survey
    Awareness and Responses to Demonetization Implementation
    General Opinion Survey
    Consumer Awareness and Responses to GST Implementation